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Searching business records online is a long and tiresome process. Nonetheless, there are plenty of resources available to help locate the necessary record. There are many reasons for searching business records. Before a new corporation creates a trademark symbol or registers their business name, a search of business records will ensure the availability of this name.

Moreover, companies may search business records to verify an existing business or generate a target list.  Business records include detail information about a company such as incorporation status, number of employees, expense report, and so forth. Prior to searching business records online, consider the following resources for quickly locating a record. Using an online investigation service to locate a business record is extremely helpful. Business records are considered public information. For this matter, anyone can research a business record legally. To begin your search, visit Scroll down to the section titled, "Nationwide Public Records by Category." Next, choose the link for searching business records. The following webpage will allow you to search business records by state. Simply choose the state where the business record is located. The link chosen will direct you to the state's Secretary of State's inquiry system.

Business Database: There are many free resources for locating a business online. However, if you need to search various business records for generating a target list, consider using a business database. Selectory Business Database offers a simple and quick method of searching business records. Target lists are commonly used for telephone and mail campaigns. Using this system, you can easily receive accurate company profiles. This way, you avoid marketing to the wrong type of businesses. To begin your search, visit, and signup for a 7-day trial membership. Free trials allow users to receive up to 30 company profiles, and access the most current business records. Business records consist of company information and contact number. With approximately 15 million business records, Selectory Business Database is a top source for locating corporate and company information. 

Office of Secretary of State: Each business within a state is registered with the Office of Secretary of State. Hence, if trying to locate a specific business record, begin your search here. Finding a contact name and number for your individual state department may take some time. However, this information is readily available on the Internet. A few websites include links to all 50 Secretary of State Offices. Therefore, if trying to locate a business record for another state, these sites are extremely useful. Simply visit,, and choose a state. Each Secretary of State's webpage includes a link for "business/commercial services." Upon clicking the link, visitors may obtain information on business registrations and filings, notary services, trademarks, corporations, franchise tax, etc. Additionally, each state's webpage will include office address and telephone number.

GovRegistry:  offers one of the Internet's largest public records database. Therefore, this website is very useful for locating business records. Visit, and choose a search category. If looking for business records, select the "corporations" category. The following webpage will include several links for acquiring business records for each individual state. For example, there is a webpage for retrieving active and inactive business records for Alabama. A website dedicated to California Corporations allows users to obtain corporation names, jurisdictions, trademark names, and filing information. Search Systems provide ample sites for every state.

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