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Are you looking for a trusted physician? Finding a good doctor usually requires time and energy. Even though malpractice suits are uncommon, they do occur. Hence, many people are cautious when it comes to choosing their family doctor. Choosing the right doctor is extremely important. Some people rely on their insurance company to recommend a doctor, or simply choose a physician randomly. However, there is a better way to find a good doctor in California. The Internet makes this task simple and easy. Because of the wide variety of online referral and physician lookup tools, no one has to choose a physician blindly. Consider the following online physician lookup tools for selecting a quality doctor in the state of California.

Medical Board of California: When looking for doctor information, contacting the medical board for the state issuing the doctor's license is a great starting point. The medical board includes a host of physician information. Therefore, if the doctor has ever been charged with a malpractice suit or charged with criminal activity, this information is reflected within the Board's database. To begin a search of California physicians, visit Next, select the link "Check Your Doctor Online." Start your online search by entering the physician's first and last name, city or county, state, and licensing number if applicable. Search results will provide information on each physician in question. This includes licensing status, issue date, expiration date, address, education, conviction, medical disciplinary actions, citations, etc. 

Healthscope: This website is useful because it offers a quality rating system for each physician in California. If unable to decide between two or more physicians, allow Healthscope to make the decision for you. To begin a search with this online physician lookup tool, visit In addition to rating doctors, this site allows California residents to rate various healthcare plans offered throughout the state. For a doctor search, choose the link, "Find a Doctor." This allows the search of all medical doctors. There are two search options. Either search by specialty and location, or choose a name search. The latter search option is very effective when seeking background information on a doctor. Enter a doctor's name and city. Search results will provide information such as doctor's full name, physical address, medical specialty, acceptable health plans, and whether the physician is accepting new patients.

HealthGrades: This website also allows patients to search doctor information by state. You can easily find information on any doctor in California by visiting, To begin, select a state. For a search of California physicians, choose the link, "California," and a city or county. If your city is not listed, choose the nearest city. HealthGrades provides two helpful search options. The first option allows users to search for a physician by name. Hence, if you are seeking a little background information on your current physician such as license status, education, or malpractice suits, this is the best search option. On the other hand, if looking for a new doctor, select the second search feature.

Doctor Directory: Doctor Directory is another free online tool for finding a good physician. To begin a search, visit Next, choose the link, "Find a Hospital or Doctor." Select the appropriate state. In this case, choose the link, "California." Search results will provide a long list of all physicians registered with the website. The majority of physicians include a website address, which provides additional information such as medical specialty, physical location, hospital affiliation, telephone number, and so forth. Simply choose a physician from the list. If looking for more in-depth information, conduct a physician name search using one of the above physician lookup tools.

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