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How to Find Georgia Death Records

Death Records in Georgia

The State of Georgia’s Public Heath Department maintains death records from 1919 to the present. All requests for Georgia death records must be signed by the requester. Requests for death records for deaths that occurred in Georgia can be made by the general public.

How to Request a Death Certificate

In Person

You can request a death certificate in person by going to the State Vital Records Office or to the county where the death occurred. Each of the 159 counties in Georgia has a Vital Records Registrar or Custodian. Call the State Vital Records Office 404-679-4701 for contact information on various county Vital Records Registrars or try this link:

The State Vital Records Office is located:
2600 Skyland Drive NE
Atlanta, GA 30319-3640
Walk in hours: 8:00AM to 4:45PM

When you request a death record in Georgia you must make a signed, written request that contains the following information:
• Full name of the deceased
• Date of death (month, day and year)
• Place of death (city and county)
• Age of deceased at death
• Sex
• Race (optional)
• The number of copies you need
• Your relationship to deceased

By Mail

You may submit a handwritten request or you can download a Request for Search of Death Records form here:

Fill out the form, sign it and enclose the appropriate fees and mail to:
Vital Records
2600 Skyland Drive NE
Atlanta, GA 30319-3640

Internet, Phone or Faxed Requests
You can fill out a form online to request a death certificate at the Georgia Public Health website. The form is located here:

The online form request will generate a death certificate request form on the computer that you must print out, sign and mail with the appropriate fees.

Fill out the form, print it, sign it and enclose the appropriate fees and mail to:
Vital Records
2600 Skyland Drive NE
Atlanta, GA 30319-3640

You can also request a Georgia death certificate through, a web page designed to assist in obtaining vital records such as death certificates. Using Vital Chek does add to your total cost. You will be charged additional fees such as service fees and shipping fees. Vital Chek accepts all major credit cards.

Vital Chek also takes phone orders and fax requests for death records. Call 1-877-572-6343 24/7 to make your request.

Fetal Death Certificates

To request a copy of a fetal death certificate, you must call the State Vital Records Office at 404-679-4701.

Death Records Fees

You must pre-pay for your request and the initial $10 search fee is non-refundable. The $10 search fee entitles you to a certified copy of the death certificate if it is found, otherwise the fee is retained for the search. If you order additional copies at the same time, each additional copy costs $5.

If you are unsure of the year of death, you will pay $10 for each three year multi-year search.

Acceptable Forms of Payment

Death certificates requested by mail or in person can be paid for by certified checks or money orders made payable to Vital Records.

Credit cards are accepted only when you go through the Vital Chek Network.

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