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If you are looking for a qualified physician in Georgia, consider an online doctor search. Doctor searches are extremely popular. Before visiting a new physician, many patients like to gather some background information. Malpractice suits are common, and naturally patients want to protect themselves from certain health care practitioners. For this reason, doctor searches are an invaluable tool. Moreover, most doctor searches are free. Hence, patients can receive information such as background, educational training, credentials, residencies, and so forth without paying a subscriber fee. For more information on how to conduct an online search for Georgia doctors, consider the following websites.

Physician Reports: This is a great website for locating information on different physicians in Georgia. Regardless of field of medicine, this site can provide detail reports. To begin a search for a physician report, visit This website has a ranking system, in which current and previous patients can score the doctor's overall care, office, and staff. Thus, if a patient has a horrible experience dealing with the doctor's support staff, all complaints may be recorded on the website, which is viewable by all visitors. Conduct a doctor search for Georgia by choosing the, "Start Now" link. Next, select the state, "Georgia," or choose to search a physician by last name. Last name searches are only helpful if the doctor as a unique or unusual surname. For best results, search doctors by state. Step 2 involves choosing a specialty. Common choices are family practice doctors, oncologists, etc. Next, select a city within the state of Georgia. Search results will return all doctors in the city matching the chosen specialty or area of medicine. This website provides information on doctors located within the city of Atlanta. Atlanta is a huge city, with hundreds of practicing physicians. To search a doctor according to area of medicine, visit Next, enter a business or keyword. For a doctor search, simply type, "Doctor" in the keyword field, and submit the search inquiry. Narrow down a doctor search by choosing a specific category. Categories are located on the left side bar. For example, if looking for a qualified skin doctor in the Atlanta area, choose the link, "Dermatologist." Results will provide information on all skin doctors in the area, including physical address, telephone number, full name, and mapping.

RateMd's: This is a great website from receiving first hand information from previous and current patients. Each doctor is different. Some have very friendly personalities, whereas others tend to be a little distant. Rate MD's allows patients to submit their opinions about a doctor, which serves as a warning for other patients. To begin a search, visit Doctors are listed alphabetically. Simply locate a doctor by browsing the list, and read the reviews. If a doctor is not listed, you may add their name and review to the website. Physicians included on the website receive one of three ratings: good, average, or poor.

Alijor: This website provides doctor searches for the entire state of Georgia. To begin a search, visit There are three different ways to find a doctor. The first option entails choosing an area of medicine from the category list. For example, choosing Allergies and Asthma will provide detail information on all doctors specializing in this area of medicine. Additionally, a doctor search can be conducted by selecting an option under the heading, "Local Doctor Search for Georgia." Simply choose a particular city for doctor information. Lastly, you can search doctors by completing the search fields. Enter a state, city, and medical specialty for a list of qualified physicians in Georgia.

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