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How To Find Alameda County, California Real Property Possession Records Online

Whether you are looking to invested in troubled real estate or just want to view real property records on a particular individual, the Alameda County official website makes it very simple.

They offer all of this information to you online, so you don’t have to drive to the Alameda County Recorders office just to find out this information. This can be especially helpful if you are an out-of-town real estate investor trying to discover what kind of investment opportunities are in Alameda County, without spending the money to actually visit until you have found a promising lead.

The Alameda County real property possession records database is easy to find and use. Below are the steps required to find the website and search the database:

1. Go to . The Zanatec website is a helpful resource for anyone looking for real property filings. It lists address, phone numbers, and website URLs (if applicable) for all county recorders in the United States.

2. Scroll down to the bottom of the homepage where all states are listed and click on “California”.

3. Scroll down until you see “Alameda County” and click on the “Alameda Website” link. This will redirect you to .

4. Once at the Alameda website, scan the side-bar menu until you find the “Lookup Public Records” link under the “Online Services” & “Other Services” section.

5. A window will pop up so that you can access the database.

6. You must confirm that you acknowledge the website’s disclaimer before you can enter. Do this by clicking the “Click here to acknowledge the disclaimer and enter the site” link.

7. Once in, click the “Search” button next to “Official Public Records”.

8. You will be taken to a form will you have the option to input different data. This data may include:

- A first and/or last name of someone who has had a filing against them.

- A date filed range that you want to search. Records can be accessed from as early as January 1, 1969.

- An instrument number range that you want to search.

- A book and/or page that you want to search.

- The document type. The documents types are very specific -- for example, instead of just “Notice of Tax Lien” you will choose from “Notice of Tax Lien (County)”, “Notice of Tax Lien (City)”, “Notice of Tax Lien (State)”, “Notice of Tax Lien (Federal)”, or “Notice of Tax Lien (Others)”. So, it is important to know exactly what you want to look for, as each option will bring up several pages of results. Sometimes as little as 3 pages for filings from 1 day or 10+ pages for filings from 1 month.

9. Once you have entered this data, a list of all matching filings will pop up. Information for each entry will include the instrument number, date filed, document type, name, associated name, legal description, book-page, and the index status (temporary or permanent). Usually, filings that are less than two week old will be marked ‘temporary’ and any filings more than two weeks old will be marked ‘permanent’.

If you want details of the filing, including any cross-filings for that person, click on the instrument number for more information. Clicking on this option may best benefit those who are looking to invest in troubled properties since, in the detailed listings for many filings, you can even find out what mortgage company is involved with the property, so that you can contact them if the current owner is unwilling to strike a deal with you before the bank takes the property back.

If you need visit or call the Alameda County Recorder’s office, this contact information can be found at the Zanatec website under Alameda County:

Alameda County Recorders
1106 Madison, 1st Floor
Oakland CA 94607
(510) 272-6362

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