How to Search and Obtain Marriage Records in Virginia, USA



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How to Search and Obtain Marriage Records in Virginia

Search Virginia Marriage Records

Tracing family lineage is an exciting pastime, and a great way to learn about one's ancestors. There are many resources available to assist with a genealogy search. Unfortunately, many people become quickly discouraged and give up on their efforts. Researching a family involves locating records that reveal information about family members. These might include death records, birth records, and marriage records. Marriage records are very useful. Many states offer online tools for searching marriage records. For this matter, finding a marriage record in the state of Virginia is easy. This includes records of recent marriages and past marriages.

Genealogical Publishing Company: There are many different online and print resources containing information about Virginia marriages from the 18th and 19th century. However, many marriage records are missing from these registries. On the other hand, Virginia marriage records offered by the Genealogical Publishing Company are compiled of practically every marriage for select counties within the state. The marriage dates vary for each city or county. For example, the catalog includes all marriages for Richmond recorded throughout the 18th century. On the other hand, Albemarle county only has marriage records for 1800 1846. To gain access to this directory, visit The marriage record catalog is available in paperback or on CD.

Virginia Marriage Records:  This website offers a quick and effortless method of locating a marriage record for a Virginia resident. For the most part, this online search is useful for marriages occurring prior to 1936. To begin your search, visit Search records by entering a first name (optional), and surname. Once a matching record is found, requestors can obtain information such as the marriage date, location, couple's full name, name of the bride and groom's parents, witnesses, and so forth. Additionally, this website offers information on other online resources for searching marriage records. This includes links to vital records departments and county courthouses. For genealogy purposes, you may request a copy of the marriage certificate. If seeking information on a marriage occurring after 1936, write to:

Virginia Department of Health
Office of Vital Records
James Madison Building
P.O. Box 1000
Richmond, VA 23208

Free Virginia Public Records: Public records are non-confidential and available to anyone. In many cases, information is free. Of course, researches must know where to look. Free Public Records Finder is an online database that provides information on various types of public information. To begin your search, visit

Marriage Records Database: The marriage record database offered by Genealinks provides information on over 35,000 ancestral marriages. To search records, all you need is a first and last name. This is perfect for individuals hoping to piece together their family lineage or create a family tree. Search Genealink's marriage database by visiting Follow the link, "marriage records database." Next, complete a search inquiry by entering the ancestor's name. Free records include the name of the bride and groom, location of the wedding, marriage date, etc. This site also offers a feature that allows person's searching for similar records to connect. Thus, researchers are given the opportunity to meet living relatives.

County Courthouse: The majority of online marriage record databases assist with locating historical marriage records. However, if searching for information on a recent marriage, consider the courthouse in the city where the marriage took place. Virginia maintains marriage records with the Health Department. Moreover, each city or county has a public marriage registry. Contact the courthouse and request a marriage search. This is useful for verifying a marriage union, or obtaining a marriage certificate. On average, courthouses will conduct a marriage search for a fee of $9.00 - $12.00

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