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How to Find Business Records in Nebraska

Searching for Business Records in Nebraska

In the State of Nebraska, the Secretary of State is responsible for maintaining certain important business records, which can be accessed online. Here are some tips on obtaining access to these records.

What Records Are Maintained by the Nebraska Secretary of State?

When certain business entities are formed in Nebraska, such as corporations, limited liability companies and limited liability partnerships, it is required that the entities file certain documentation with the Nebraska Secretary of State. These records are maintained and may be accessed by the public.

Additionally, the Secretary of State maintains UCC (Uniform Commercial Code) filings. These are records of security interests in a debtor’s collateral that a lending party can receive in exchange for a loan. These records may be accessed online after a fee is paid.

How Can I Search for Records Maintained by the Nebraska Secretary of State?

To search for business records maintained by the Nebraska Secretary of State, begin by visiting the Secretary of State’s website, at Then select the blue button marked “Business and Licensing” to go to the page entitled “Business Services.”

To Search for Businesses in the State of Nebraska, from the Business Services page, select the option marked “Corporate Services.” This will take you to a page with the heading “Corporations Division.” Inside a red rectangle are the words “Corporate Searches (No charge for basic corporation information).” Select the words “Corporate Searches” to begin a corporate search.

The search page includes a search window in which searchers can input the name of the business to search. Additionally, a pull-down menu above permits searchers to select whether they wish to search for businesses that are “In Good Standing or Active,” or for businesses that are “Not in Good Standing or Inactive.” After making this selection and inputting the business name, click on the button marked “Perform Search.” If you are not certain whether the business information you wish pertains to an active or an inactive business, it will be necessary to perform the search twice, once selecting the “active” option and once selecting the “inactive” option in order to capture the results of both.

Results will be returned in list form, including the entity name, Secretary of State account number, type, and account status. Next to each item in the list is a button marked “Details,” which may be clicked for additional information.

After clicking on “Details,” searchers will be taken to a new page dedicated to that business entity. This page includes the entity’s name, Secretary of State account number, principal office, registered agent’s name and address, nature of business, entity type, filing date, and account status.

The Nebraska Secretary of State website warns that such searches should not take the place of a name availability request. To find out if your desired business name is already taken, it is necessary to submit a request in writing to the Secretary of State’s Corporate office at P.O. Box 94608, Lincoln, Nebraska 68509-4608. Alternatively, you can fax the search to 402-471-3666.

Although the basic corporate information mentioned above can be located without charge, letters of good standing are available for a small fee. Additionally, viewing images of documents filed by businesses can be viewed for a small fee, which at the time of the writing of this article is 45 cents. These documents may be selected by obtaining a subscription, or by paying separately with a credit card at the time the images are accessed. Links for these options are provided on the “Details” page for each business entity.

In order to search UCC filings, it is necessary to pay a fee. To search online it is necessary to subscribe to a service. In order to access these alternatives, from the Business Services page, select the option marked “UCC Services.” You will be taken to a page providing some information and links to subscribe to a service in order to search the UCC filings online.

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