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How to Find Business Records in Nevada

Searching for Business Records in Nevada

In Nevada, business records are recorded and maintained by the Nevada Secretary of State. Not all of this information is available online, but some information may be accessed for free through an online search. Here are some basic tips on accessing Nevada business records over the internet.

What Records Are Maintained by the Nevada Secretary of State?

When businesses incorporate, or form a corporation, certain documents must be filed with the Secretary of State giving notice of the formation of the corporate entity. Other business entities also have some reason to file documentation, including use of state trademark registries, and filing of UCC (Uniform Commercial Code) filings to give notice of securities in a debtor’s collateral. At this time, it is not possible to access trademark registry searches or UCC searches online without a subscription. However, much information about business entities may be gleaned through an online search that does not require a subscription or a fee.

Businesses can be incorporated in any of the fifty states and sometimes choose to incorporate in a state other than their home state in order to take advantage of that state’s laws. When a business incorporates in Nevada, those documents are maintained by the Nevada Secretary of State. Some of this information is available for free online, including the name of each corporation, information about the officers, certain financial information, the registered agent, the address, and a list of documents filed in conjunction with that corporation.

How Can I Search for Records Maintained by the Nevada Secretary of State?

To search for Nevada business records online, begin by visiting the Nevada Secretary of State’s website, located at Then click on the option marked “Commercial Recordings,” which will take you to a page titled “Commercial Recordings Division.” From this page, you can select a number of options.

To search for business records, from the Commercial Recordings Division page, select the “Business Entity Search” option. This will take you to a page where you can enter your search criteria. First, from the pull-down menu, select the method in which you wish to search: Entity Name, Entity Number, Officer Name, or Resident Agent name. Then enter your search terms in the search window. Beneath the search window is a box which can be checked to include phonetic matches in the search results. This is especially helpful if you know the name of a business or individual, but not the manner in which the name is spelled.

Then select the manner in which the search results are to be presented. They can be presented in order according to Relevance, Entity Name, Entity Number, or Status. You can also select whether you wish for the search results to be returned in ascending or descending order.

After you have entered all of the desired search criteria, lick on the word “Search.” The search results will be returned in the form of a list, including certain information. If you have searched by entity name or entity number, the list will include each entity name, entity number, and status. If you have searched by officer name, the list will include each officer’s name, type, and the name of the entity. If you have searched by resident agent name, the search result list will include the name of each resident agent and their city. Each of the items in the search result list will be blue, clickable links which can be clicked for additional information. Clicking on an entity name will return information including the status and the date upon which that status occurred (for instance, date of default), entity type, manager, file date, corporation number, the date the list of officers is due, expiration date, the name and address of the resident agent, financial information including the no par share count and capital amount, and information about the officers. At the bottom of the page is a link to be clicked for actions or amendments associated with the business entity, which mainly describes the records filed with the Secretary of State as well as the date of filing. Additionally, on the page providing information about the business entity, underneath the resident agent information is a link to show all of the business entities using that same resident agent.

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