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How to Find Business Records in New Hampshire

Searching for Business Records in New Hampshire

In the State of New Hampshire, the Secretary of State is responsible for maintaining crucial business documents regarding the formation of corporations and similar business forms. These documents are public records and can be viewed online. Here are a few tips that will assist you in your search for New Hampshire business records.

What Records Are Maintained by the New Hampshire Secretary of State?

When a business incorporates, or takes the form of a corporation or similar business entity, documentation of the formation is filed with the Secretary of State. Businesses do not always choose to incorporate in their home state, but often select to incorporate in another state in order to take advantage of the laws of that state. When a business incorporates in New Hampshire, documentation is filed with the New Hampshire Secretary of State that can be accessed by the public online. Additionally, annual documentation must be filed regarding the status of the corporation which can also be viewed online.

How Can I Search for Records Maintained by the New Hampshire Secretary of State?

To search for New Hampshire business records online, begin at the New Hampshire Secretary of State website at . Then from the home page, scroll down and select the option “Business Name Lookup” under the heading “Corporation Division” on the left of the page. From the Corporation Division page, you may select whether you wish to search by business name, business ID or registered agent.

To search by business entity name, select the “business name” option from the Corporation Division page, then scroll down to find the search window. You can select to search by the beginning of a word, an exact match, all search terms, or even sound-alike words. You can also select a box to indicate that you only want results returned that pertain to active business entities. If the box is left unchecked, the results returned will include both active and inactive business entities. After making your selection of search method, enter the business name search terms into the search window and click Search.

Results will be returned in list form, including business name, business ID, type, entity status and entity creation date. The business name and business ID are both clickable links that will take you to the same page dedicated to that business entity. On this page, you will find additional information about the business entity, including the creation date, state, office address, mailing address, expiration date, the last annual report filed and the date of filing, the registered agent and the registered agent’s address. Additionally, at the top of the page is a blue link marked “Filed Documents.” Clicking on this link will take you to a page where the documents filed pertaining to that business entity are listed and may be viewed by clicking on the icon to their left.

If you wish to search by business ID number, from the Corporation Division page select the “Business ID” option and enter the number in the search window. Rather than displaying a list of search results, you will be immediately taken to the detailed information page about the business entity corresponding to the business ID number.

To search for a registered agent, from the Corporation Division page, select the “Registered Agent” option, and then enter the name of the registered agent in the search window. The search results will be returned in a list including the name of the agent and the number of businesses that agent represents. Clicking on the name of any agent in the list will take you to a second list of search results, this one consisting of the businesses that are represented by that agent. In this list, the business names and ID numbers are clickable links and can be clicked to access the detailed page about that business entity.

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