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How to Find Business Records in New York State

New York Business Records

If you need to search for business records on companies registered in the state of New York, then the New York Secretary of State’s website should be your first stop. Below are the eight steps you should take in order to successfully search the New York Secretary of State’s website for business records.

How to Search For New York State Business Records

1. Start your New York state business records search by going to the Secretary of State’s website, located at

2. There will be resource links and several website menus on both sides of your screen. For this search, you need to locate the links and website menu on the right side of the page.

3. There will be three sections to this website menu: ‘Latest News’, ‘Quick Links’, and ‘Features’. You need to locate the ‘Quick Links’ section.

4. Under this section will be several links. For this search, you want to choose the first one, which will be labeled ‘Search for Corporations or Business Entities’.

5. After you press the search button, you will then be transported to the Corporation and Business Entity Database. On this page, you will see a form where you can enter in all or part of the entity name, the name type (active only or all), and select a ‘begins with’ search, a ‘contains’ search, or a ‘partial’ search. All of these fields are required. Remember, you should enter as much of the company name as you can. Putting in a partial name will greatly increase the number of results that you receive from your search. Depending on how vague this partial name is (for example, if you input only the first letter of the name), you may set yourself up with hundreds of pages of search results. Although this type of partial search may be okay for a state with a smaller population, New York is a state that has one of the largest populations in the nation. On top of all the big businesses located in this state (since it is a prime business area), there are likely thousands on top of thousands of New York residents that have their own small or home-based businesses -- and they will be included in this database as well.

6. Clicking the ‘Search the Database’ option will bring up your list of search results. This list will include the names of business entities and corporations that are registered in New York and that also match your search criteria.

7. To find out detailed information on a particular entity from the list, click the entities name.

8. This will take you to the details page for that entity. The information on this page may include the entity’s name (both the name selected from the list and the current name, if different), the initial DOS filing date, the filing county, the filing jurisdiction, the entity type (domestic business corporation, foreign LLC, etc), the entity’s current status, the entity’s DOS process mailing address, the address of the entity’s chairman or chief executive officer, the address of the entity’s principal executive officer, and the address of the entity’s registered agent.

All in all, using this database is this the best way to look for New York business records for two main reasons. The first reason is that it is easy. You can access this information any time of the day or night, right from your home computer. You do not have to get out, drive to a government office, and flip through physical files all day long. The second reason is because it is free. There is no fee involved in any step of this process. You can access the database for free, search the database for free, and view a company’s file for free. No matter who you are or where you live, this is an invaluable unlimited resource that is available on your schedule.

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