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How to Find Business Records in New York State

New York State Business Licenses

Searching for business license information in the state of New York can be a simple and easy task. To make this process less time consuming, the New York Secretary of State’s website has a searchable online database of licensing information that anyone can access. Searching this database is absolutely free and the information you will find is also available to you without cost. The seven simple steps outlined below will show you exactly how to access the database, search the database, and will fill you in on what type of information to expect from your search.

How to Search For New York State Business Licensing Information

1. Begin your New York business license search by visiting the New York Secretary of State’s website (

2. When you arrive at the homepage, you will see several links and website menus for the NYSOS website on both the left and right sides of the page. You will need to look for the NYSOS website menu located on the right side of the page.

3. On this site menu, there will be three different sections: ‘Latest News’, ‘Quick Links’, and ‘Features’. You will need the look under the ‘Quick Links’ section.

4. There will be several different links under this section, but the one you will want to look for is labeled ‘Search for Licensees and Registrants’.

5. From there, you will be taken to the Index of Licensees and Registrants page, where you can perform your search one of three ways: by ID number, by name, or by business name.

By ID Number: Using this option, you can search using a businesses unique ID or registration number.

By Name: Using this option, you can search using the first and last name of a person associated with a business, as well as the optional choice of refining your search by city, zip code, or county.

By Business Name: Using this option, you can search using a business’s name, as well as the optional choice of refining your search by city, zip code, or county.

6. All three of these searches will transport you to a page where your search results will be listed. These results will include all business registered in New York that match your search criteria. The listing will include each businesses ID number, name, city, license type, and when the license expires.

7. To find out more information on a listed business, click their ID number. This will take you to a page of details specifically for that company. These details may include the company’s ID number, the name, the business name, business address, county, license type, and when the license expires.

All in all, there are 24 types of licenses that you will be able to find by using this searchable database. These 24 license types are:

- Alarm Installer

- Apartment Information Vendor

- Apartment Sharing Agent

- Appearance Enhancement

- Armored Car Carrier

- Armored Car Guard

- Athlete Agents

- Bail Enforcement Agent

- Barber

- Bedding

- Central Dispatch Facility

- Hearing Aid Dispenser

- Hearing Aid Dispenser Business

- Home Inspection

- Notary Public

- Private Investigator

- Real Estate Appraiser

- Real Estate Associate Broker

- Real Estate Branch Office

- Real Estate Broker

- Real Estate Salesperson

- Security Guard

- Telemarketer Business

- Watch, Guard, & Patrol Agency

This database is updated regularly so, if a New York company has one of the above licenses, it will be recorded in the database. If you cannot find a company’s information, and they still insist that they hold one of these licenses, then it may be best to move on to a trustworthy company who will give you an honest answer.

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