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Searching records for a North Carolina business can be complicated. Although cities and counties statewide keep a registry of all businesses, obtaining detail information about a businesses activity requires a specialized search. In many cases, this involves soliciting the help of an online public records database. Yet, there are ways to uncover free information about many businesses throughout the state. Business records contain valuable information such as the type of business, startup year, tax information, employee information, etc. Moreover, most business information is available to the public. With this said, before spending money for a business search, take advantage of free online resources.

Government Databases: The North Carolina government database is a great tool for searching different businesses statewide. To begin your search, visit The numerous options include a search for North Carolina business entity names, search corporations by name, search for a new corporation, etc. Searches are effortless. Simply choose the appropriate link and complete the search fields. For example, if trying to find information on a particular business, select the link, "Search for a Corporation by Name," enter the business name in the search field and select a search criterion. Search criteria may include the exact word phrase, similar words, business name availability, etc. 

Business ServiCenter: This website is a service offered by the North Carolina Department of Commerce. North Carolina has a directory of all business licenses and permits statewide. Currently, this information is available online. To access the directory, visit To find a business, search the table of contents, or conduct an online keyword search. Keyword searches are quick and easy. Simply type in the name of the business in the search field, and submit the inquiry. Search results will provide information on the businesses physical address, contact name, telephone number, type of licensure, license expiration, etc. If the business has a website, this information is also listed. A business record search is also available by written request. Write to:

NC Department of Commerce

301 North Wilmington Street

Raleigh, NC 27601

North Carolina Department of Secretary of State: This website offers valuable information on every type of business statewide. Search for corporations, new corporations, non-profit organizations, and so forth. If you have plans to start a new business, this site is also useful for researching a business name. This way, you avoid registering a name that is already in use. To begin your search of North Carolina business records, visit Choose the link, "Corporations." The following webpage will include numerous search options. Search annual reports for profit and non-profit businesses. Additionally, the Department of Secretary of State's website is practical for gaining insight on ways to incorporate a business.

North Carolina Business and Economy Information: This website offered by the University of North Carolina in Greensboro, provides information on approximately 320,000 businesses throughout the state. To begin a search, visit Next, select the "Corporations Division," link. This site will direct visitors to the Department of Secretary of State's official webpage, which allows a search of businesses by corporation name or registered agent.

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