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Locating a qualified physician takes time and effort. In many instances, patients rely on referrals from primary physicians or other trusted professionals. Nonetheless, it helps to conduct our own background check on a doctor. This way, we learn the doctor's history. For example, has the physician been sued by a past patient? What is the doctor's educational background? Is the doctor's medical license valid? Unfortunately, there are many shady or fake physicians. To ensure a doctor's experience, consider a background check or doctor search. Moreover, doctor searches are useful for finding a physician for a particular area of medicine. If looking for a doctor in North Carolina, consider the following search tips.

Locate a Doc: This website offers a tone of valuable resources for finding a good and trustworthy doctor in North Carolina. This site is primarily dedicated to North Carolina plastic surgeons. Thus, if interested in cosmetic or reconstructive surgery, this site is a great place to locate a good doctor. To begin your search, visit Next, select an appropriate city. Each city or county with a plastic surgeon office is included on the list. Search results will return detail information about each physician, including color photograph, full name, office address, areas of expertise, and contact information. Learn information about the physician such as educational background, awards, honors, etc.

North Carolina State Health Plan: This site is another useful resource for locating a physician. Each field of medicine includes many different doctors. However, certain health plans provide coverage for only a select few. Because Blue Cross Blue Shield is a huge health care provider throughout North Carolina, taking advantage of their state health plan website is beneficial. This way, plan participants can gather information on qualified physicians within the network. To begin your search, visit Choose the link, "Participating Providers: Find a Doctor." The provider search tool will locate a physician using a variety of search options. Enter your zip code or county. Next, choose a specialty. You may also search a doctor by gender, name, hospital affiliation, spoken language, or practice name.

RateMD's: This website provides a rating for all physicians in the state of North Carolina. This is great place to conduct a search for a reliable and personable physician. To begin your search, visit This site allows users to search physicians or add a physician to the list. Search doctors by last name. Browse the alphabet list to find a physician. There are three rate options: good, average, and bad. For example, a physician with several complaints will have a unhappy face stamped next to his or her name. On the other hand, a physician with rave reviews will have a happy face. This way, users browsing the website can quickly gauge a physician's overall rating.

Choice Trust Doctor Search: Another useful site for conducting a comprehensive North Carolina doctor search. Begin your search by visiting Next, complete a health care provider search by choosing one of four search options: doctor, dentist, chiropractor, or nurse. Complete a doctor search by entering a physician's name, area of practice, city, and state. This search will perform a quick search of national doctor databases and provide information such as a physician's credentials, education, training, honors, and contact details. Choice Trust Doctors is not a free search. Nonetheless, these reports include detail information on all physicians', which cannot be found in free reports. Additional details include licensing information (issue date, expiration date, status, etc.), disciplinary actions, and civil suits. Comprehensive reports are beneficial for helping patients choose a qualified doctor, capable of meeting their health care needs.

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