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North Carolina Property Records Search

With the abundance of online search tools for locating public records information, finding information on North Carolina properties is simple. Property searches may consist of personal property (automobiles, boats, etc,) or real estate property.

There are many reasons to research a person's personal property. For example, if filing a civil suit against someone, being aware of their assets may prove beneficial. This allows the petitioner to request a property lien, or request the court to relinquish the property to repay a debt. Finding personal property information can be as simple as visiting the local courthouse. On the other hand, some people are very clever, and know tactics for keeping information about their personal property hidden. In this case, you may have to search beyond a city's official website. Consider the following websites for quickly searching personal property records in North Carolina.

North Carolina Public Records: This website includes useful information on a variety of North Carolina public records, including personal property. To begin your search, visit The webpage will contain a long list of search options. The assets section includes links to property reports, neighborhood reports, real estate records, etc. Moreover, requestors may take advantage of an unclaimed property search. Simply choose the appropriate link, and complete a search inquiry. For example, if trying to locate detail property information, choose the link, "property report." Next, enter the full property address. Search results will provide information such as the current owner's name, property profile, sold date, sale price, etc.

Public Background Checks: Another useful online investigative tool is Public Background Checks. This site is helpful for searching any property owned by an individual. There are two ways to conduct a property searches with this website. For starters, visit Next, select a search criterion. A name search will reveal property ownership information. Furthermore, conducting a search using the person's address will also provide useful information. One-time access to public records is available for $9.95. Twenty-four hour access is available for $14.95. 

Free Public Records: Free Public Records Finder is a further great tool for researching North Carolina property records. Unlike other sites, Free Public Records include links to various sites offering property record details. For examples, a search for statewide North Carolina records will consist of county property record indexes, county public information files, recorded deeds, online tax databases, real property databases, unclaimed property searches, etc. To begin a search, visit Browse available links, and select the appropriate public records registry.

Pretrieve: This free public records site provides property details for land, real estate, and personal property nationwide. Conducting an online search for North Carolina records is effortless. Begin your search by visiting Select the option to search property records by address. Next, enter the full street address, city, and state. Submit the inquiry by clicking, "Find Public Records." Search results will return property information for the address such as sale date, sale price, square footage, property description, etc. Moreover, Pretrieve offers information on comparable sales, home values within the neighborhood, ownership history, and satellite mapping.

North Carolina Department of the Secretary of State: This state department is responsible for compiling all data pertaining to land, home, and personal property for tax purposes. Hence, if attempting to locate property information, the North Carolina Secretary of State offers a good starting point. To begin your search, visit Choose the link, "Land Records Management Division." This site permits land searches, and supplies information on land records, mapping, registration of deeds, and links to individual assessment offices. Personal, land, and real estate property searches are also available by written request. Write to:

North Carolina Department of Secretary of State
PO Box 29622
Raleigh, NC 27626

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