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How to Find Business Records in North Dakota

Searching for Business Records in North Dakota

In the State of North Dakota, the Secretary of State maintains a number of important business records that are matters of public record and may be viewed by members of the public. Some of this information is available for free over the internet, and some may be obtained online for a fee. Here are a few tips on the information available online and how to access it.

What Records Are Maintained by the North Dakota Secretary of State?

The North Dakota Secretary of State maintains records of corporations and similar business entities that are created under the laws of North Dakota. When such entities are created, they are required to file documentation of their creation, as well as periodic reports of their status. These documents are all available for viewing at no charge over the internet through the North Dakota Secretary of State’s website. Below are a few hints to assist you in accessing and viewing these documents online.

Additionally, the North Dakota Secretary of State maintains UCC (Uniform Commercial Code) filings. These documents give notice of security interests held by one party in the property of another party. These documents are maintained by the Secretary of State and some of the information may be accessed online. However, it is necessary to pay a fee and obtain an ID and password in order to perform such an online search. Below is some information on how to locate the up-to-date instructions for obtaining an ID and password to be able to search this information over the internet.

Why Would a Business Not Have Documents On File?

Not all businesses choose to incorporate in the state in which they are situated. If a business has elected to incorporate in another state in order to take advantage of the laws of that state, the State of North Dakota may not have a record of the incorporation.

Furthermore, some businesses do not incorporate at all. Particularly with small businesses that are owned by one person, sometimes businesses do not become corporations and not documents of incorporation will be on file.

How Can I Search for Records Maintained by the North Dakota Secretary of State?

To begin your search for business records in the State of North Dakota, first visit the website of the Secretary of State, found at . Then select the option marked “Business Services” at the left of the page.

To search for information about corporations and other registered business entities, from the “Business Services” page, select the option “Business Records Search.” You will be taken to a search page where you can enter the name of the business for which you wish to search, or else the ID number of the desired business. Beneath the search window is a drop-down menu permitting you to select the specific search criteria (for instance, you may indicate that you wish to search for all or some of the entered search terms, or that your entered search terms represent the beginning of a business name.) Another drop-down menu permits you to select how many search results will be returned on a page. For contractor licensed records you may also input an owner name, license number, city and county. After inputting all desired search criteria, click the “Search” button.

The search results will be returned in list format, including the ID number, entity name, type, status, and any available reports. The available reports are clickable links. Clicking on these links will permit you to view that document in pdf format.

To obtain and ID and password and search for information about UCC filings, from the “Business Services” page, select the option “Central Indexing (UCC).” Then select “Direct Access Central Indexing Filings and Searches” at the top of the provided list of options. You will be taken to an informative page which explains the details of the searches and describes what information may be obtained a fee online. This page also provides the current details of how to obtain an ID and password in order to search online for UCC information.

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