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How to Find Business Records in North Dakota State

Searching For North Dakota State Business Records

You can conduct a free search for business registered in North Dakota through the North Dakota State website. The types of companies you will find in this database include corporations, LLCs, limited partnerships, LLPs, limited liability limited partnerships, partnership fictitious names, and DBA names. Besides records that are currently open, you can also find information on records that have been closed within 12 months. This may be useful for those who want to see what kind of business names have recently become available. By following the nine steps outlined below, you will be able to sail through the process of searching for businesses in North Dakota.

1. Begin your search by going to the North Dakota State website at .

2. Once at the homepage, you will see a site menu along the left hand side. Options on this menu will include ‘Business’, ‘Education’, ‘Government’, ‘Living’, State Facts’, ‘Tourist Info’ and ‘Working’. You should select the ‘Business’ link.

3. In the business section, there will be a list of several links to pages and forms on the North Dakota State website. You want to select the third link down, which is labeled ‘Business Records Search’.

4. After selecting this link, you will be taken to a page where you will receive an overview of the database’s purpose and what you can find by searching through it. When you are ready to begin a search, click the ‘Search’ link at the top of the page (directly above the first paragraph on the page).

5. You will be taken to a form where you can enter in your search criteria. This criteria should include either entity name (using one of these selections: by business that match all of the selected words, businesses that match at least one of the selected words, by businesses whose company name starts with the letters entered, by businesses that have a partial match with all of the selected words, or by businesses that have a partial match with at least one of the selected words) or system ID.

6. You can also input additional, but optional, search criteria. This criteria can include the owner’s name, the company’s license number, the city said company is located in, and/or the county that said company is located in.

7. Once you have selected all of your criteria, hit ‘search’. This will produce a list of all of the registered businesses in North Dakota that match your search criteria. The list will include the company’s system ID number, their name, their type (corporation, LLC, partnership, etc), status (active and in good standing, active, or expired), and available report form to file.

8. If you want to know more information on the business, you can select their entity type. Their entity type means whether they are a corporation, LLC, partnership, sole proprietor, etc.

9. You will be taken to a page that will give you more information on the company’s original filing date and the effective date, state of origin, phone number, where their principal office is located, the name, address, and established date of their registered agent, the nature of their business, their general/managing partners, and the name and address of the company’s owners.

To avoid having to look through hundreds of pages of listings, it is best to put in as much as you can about the company before you submit your search request. You may not think that there would be hundreds of businesses that all begin that same way or sound a like in one state -- especially a state that is less populated than many others -- but, with all the major corporations, mom and pop shops, and home-based businesses, there may be a lot more than you’d expect.

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