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Online Doctor Lookup: State of Ohio

Online doctor lookup tools allow patients to find a good and qualified physician. The majority of online doctor lookup sites permit unlimited searches. If you need a cardiologist, take advantage of an online search and find a top heart doctor in your area. Similarly, if you recently relocated, and need a new family doctor, a quick online doctor search can provide a long list of qualified physicians. Because online doctor searches are free, more and more people are starting to use these services. The Internet also makes it possible to obtain detail doctor profiles, in which you can receive a comprehensive background report.

Ohio State University Medical Center: Many of the state’s top medical doctors work at the Ohio State University Medical Center. If looking for a new doctor, this is a great place to begin your search. Simply visit the University’s doctor lookup tool at Next, search for a physician by specialty, hospital, or location. You may also search for a primary physician by conducting a name search. Once all search fields are completed, submit the request. Results are immediate. Choose a physician from the list. Physician information includes the doctor’s name, photograph, specialty, hospital affiliation, telephone, and physical address. 

America’s Top Doctors: If looking for a good doctor in Ohio, conduct an online search with America’s Top Doctors. To begin a search, visit Select the option, “Find a Doctor.” Before you can conduct a search, registration is required. Choose a membership option, and begin your search. Find a doctor according to medical specialty. This search feature is recommended if looking for a new physician. If you want some background information on a current physician, conduct an online name search. Enter the physician’s first and last name. Online reports include valuable information such as physician’s credentials, training, affiliations, specialty, and contact information.

My Doctor Directory: This website provides quick online searches for all doctors nationwide. To begin a search, visit Browse the doctor categories, and choose the appropriate medical specialty. You can also search doctors by location. Scroll down, and choose the link “Ohio”. My Doctor Directory provides a list of all registered physicians. For example, you can find information on chiropractors, thyroid doctors, dentist, family care doctors, etc. To search physicians in other localities, simply choose a different state.

Ohio Health: This online website offers one of the best online doctor searches for Ohio. Quickly find a good physician by visiting Next, choose the search link, “Find a Doctor.” You can either get information about a doctor, or get a doctor referral. The free physician directory is very useful for finding a new doctor. This website provides a search of four medical hospitals in Ohio. Enter the physician’s medical specialty or last name. Click the button, “Search physicians.” Results provide the doctor’s full name, location, license status, education, board certifications, and residency information. Because search results provide a list of all doctors that match your criteria, you can choose from a wide range of medical physicians.

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