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There is a multitude of ways to find a good doctor in Oregon. Choosing a reputable and honest physician is not always easy. Because doctors must juggle several patients, some actually lose their humanity over time. Moreover, a select number of doctors have a history of offering wrong advice and diagnosis. If looking for a good doctor in Oregon, it helps to conduct an online search. By means of an online physician lookup feature, you can find information on a variety of doctors. The Internet is a very useful tool for learning a current or new physician's history. It doesn't matter the specialty, or the number of years that the doctor has been practicing medicine.

Oregon Board of Medical Examiners: Searching for a physician using the state's medical board is practical. As a rule, each state must keep an accurate record of all licensed physicians. If a physician had a malpractice claim filed against them, this information is recorded. To begin a quick search using the Board of Medical Examiners, visit http://www.bme.state.or.us/search.html. This site allows multiple search options. Either search a physician by name, state, specialty, or license number. Name and city searches are the most popular. If seeking information on a particular physician's history, conduct a name search by entering the doctor's full name and profession. Search results provide detail license information. This is one of the easiest ways to find information such as license expiration, education, license type, license number, and so forth. If looking for a new doctor within your area, conduct a city search. Enter your city, state, and choose an area of medicine.

Oregon Medical Group: This website offers another practical physician lookup feature. To begin a search, visit http://www.oregonmedicalgroup.com/physicianSearch.php. Next, conduct an online search by completing the following search fields. Enter a medical specialty (allergist, gynecologist, family practice, etc.), neighborhood or location, and the first letter of the physician's last name. Submit the request and wait for a response. Results will provide all matching records. Choose the appropriate physician and review their license information and history. If the physician's license has expired, this information is revealed. Furthermore, this is the perfect site to learn your physician's educational background, medical complaints, disciplinary actions, physical address, etc.

Dr. Score: Many online sites have begun offering a rating system for physicians. This way, persons looking for a new physician can review comments and opinions from others. To begin a search with Dr. Score, visit http://www.drscore.com. You may either use this site to find a doctor, or provide a rating for your doctor. To locate a new doctor, choose the link, "Find a Doctor." Next, enter a last name, first name, specialty, city, state, and zip code. Submit the request. This site will search all physicians in Oregon who have been previously rated. Dr. Score will provide both good and bad ratings. This way, patients can make an informed decision, and choose the best possible doctor. Moreover, if you received great or terrible service from an Oregon physician, take advantage of the "Score Your Doctor" feature.

Physicians.com: This website provides doctor searches for the state of Oregon and nationwide. To begin a quick and easy search, visit http://www.physicians.com. Choose the link, "Doctor Search." Next, enter a medical specialty, full name, city, state, or zip code. Instantaneously, Physicians.com will begin searching all 825,000 physicians for a matching record. Search results provide detail contact information such as physical address, telephone number, fax number, and website address if applicable. Searches are fast and simple. Use this site to find a variety of medical professionals such as dentists, chiropractors, family or general practitioners, etc.

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