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How to Find Business Records in Rhode Island

Searching for Business Records in Rhode Island

In the State of Rhode Island, the Rhode Island Secretary of State is responsible for the maintenance of important business records. These documents are maintained and are available for searching by members of the public. Some of this information is available via the internet. Here are a few tips on conducting an online search for business records in the State of Rhode Island.

What Records Are Maintained by the Rhode Island Secretary of State?

When a corporation or similar business entity is created, documentation of its formation must be filed with the Secretary of State. Additionally, periodic documents must be filed indicating the status of the corporation, and certain changes such as name and address changes must also be recorded. These documents are maintained by the Rhode Island Secretary of State. Some of the information is made available online and can be searched for free by members of the public.

How Can I Search for Records Maintained by the Rhode Island Secretary of State?

To begin searching for Rhode Island business records online, begin at the Rhode Island Secretary of State website, found at http://www.state.ri.us/ . Then select the option at the top of the page marked “Corporations.” Scroll down the page to the “Quick Links” menu on the left side of the page, and click on the option marked “Corporate Database.” This will take you to a page entitled “Rhode Island Corporation Search.”

The first search criterion to enter is Corporation Status: using the drop-down menu, select whether you wish to search for an active or inactive corporation. If you are not certain whether the corporation for which you wish to search is active or inactive, it will be necessary to perform two separate searches, since the search page does not provide an option to search for both active and inactive corporations at the same time.

Next, select the category in which your search terms will fall. Next to the words “Look In,” select from the drop-down menu whether you wish to search for corporation name, corporation ID, agent name, officer name, purpose statement or street address. In the following window, enter your search terms. Following this search window, another drop-down menu allows you to determine the method of search, whether you wish to search for all search terms, any search terms, or whether you wish to perform a Boolean search (using connectors such as “and” and “or,” for instance). Once you have entered all of the search criteria, click on the button marked “Search.”

The search results will be returned in a list form, including the corporation name, corporation ID, charter, abandoned date and type. The names are all clickable links which you may click on to obtain additional information about that corporation. This will take you to a page dedicated to the corporate entity in question. This page will include the corporation name, corporation ID number, a statement of the purpose of the corporation, the corporation’s status, charter, chapter, state, duration, file date, effective date, last report date, Sic code, authorized shares, business address, and the name and address of the registered agent. Additionally, under the heading “Annual Report Image,” there are clickable links that permit you to view scanned images of the annual reports filed by that corporation. If you have software such as Microsoft Outlook, there are also icons next to the headings “Business Address” and “Name and Address of the Registered/Resident Agent,” that permit you to download the name and address information to your address book. Additionally, at the bottom of the page under the heading “Event Information,” you will find a link marked “Activity” that will display a list of documents filed in conjunction with that corporate entity, including a description of the filing, the date of filing, and the effective date.

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