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Searching for Probate Records in Franklin County, Ohio

Many documents maintained by the Franklin County Probate Court are matters of public record that can be viewed by anyone. Here is some basic information for anyone searching for probate records in Franklin County, Ohio.

What Records Are Maintained by the Franklin County Probate Court?

The Probate Court oversees a number of functions, including the issuance of marriage licenses, the issuance of birth certificates, the overseeing of involuntary commitment of persons for psychiatric reasons, and the administration of the estate of deceased persons. The Probate Court makes available all matters that are public record, including marriage records, psychiatric records and a general index including trusts, estates, and guardianships. The Probate Court also maintains birth records for individuals born before 1908, although these are not available online. (Birth records for individuals born after 1907 are available through the Board of Health.)

How Can I Search for Franklin County Probate Records Online?

The Franklin County Probate Court website may be found at From this page, scroll the cursor over the words “Case Search” to reveal three options: “General Index,” “Marriage Index,” and “Psychiatric Index.” Then you can select the search option you desire.

The Psychiatric Index permits you to search by name to view information about psychiatric orders, including the birth date of the individual and the date the order was issued.

The Marriage Index permits you to search by name of either a bride or a groom or the date a marriage license was issued. This search will return a list of marriage records on file in Franklin County, including case number, the name of the bride and groom, the date a marriage license was applied for and issued, the date the marriage license would expire, the date the certificate was returned and the date upon which the marriage ceremony was performed.

The General Index section permits you to search for a variety of cases including guardianships, trusts and estates. The matters may be searched by case number or by party name. When searching by name, the search will return a list of results including the case numbers of each case. The case numbers appear in blue and are active links which take searchers to a screen including additional information about the case, including the name of the person or persons concerned, whether that person is an adult or minor, the type of case, any other names by which the party is known, the date the case was opened, the date the case was closed, and the party’s parents, if the matter involves a minor. Additionally, this page provides links permitting searchers to access information about the petitioners and attorneys, and to view the case docket. A case docket includes information about documents filed in each case, and important court dates scheduled. Additionally, the docket tracks the costs associated with the case as well as other monetary details. In cases of estates, this information is followed by a link to information about the estate fiduciary, the person who executes a will or administers an estate.

How Can I Search for Franklin County Probate Records in Person?

The Franklin County Probate Court is located at 373 South High Street, Columbus, Ohio 43215, where it shares a lobby with two other court buildings. The office where files are maintained is located on the 22nd floor. There, hard copy files may be accessed by providing the appropriate case number, as well as your name and contact information. If you are not certain of the case number of the file you are seeking, this information can be gleaned by searching online by the name of one of the parties involved.

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