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Are you a South Carolina resident in need of a good physician? If so, take advantage of the many online tools that provide doctor searches throughout the state of South Carolina. The majority of doctors are caring and trustworthy individuals. On the other hand, a select few lose their humanity over time. To avoid encountering an unfriendly or unsympathetic physician, consider an online doctor search. Additionally, if seeking a physician for a particular area of medicine, a doctor search is also helpful. Online doctor searches provide detail information such as physician's credentials, training, residencies, and so forth. Most importantly, a doctor search will uncover any disciplinary actions. For a quick online search of South Carolina physicians, consider the following sites.

Medical University of South Carolina Hospital: This website is entirely dedicated to medicine and health care. Thus, it is only natural for this website to include an online doctor search tool. To begin your search, visit Next, select the link, "Find a Doctor." This online directory includes a list of all physicians, categorized by last name. There are multiple search options available. For starters, users may find a physician by browsing the alphabetized listings. On the other hand, a doctor search can be conducted by completing the available search fields. For example, enter a physician's full name, area of specialty, city, and zip code. Search results will return information such as the physician's physical address, contact information, and certification.

Health Grades: Health Grades is another online site offering comprehensive doctor searches for the state of South Carolina. To begin a search, visit the directory at This webpage offers a search of family practices by state. Choose the link, "South Carolina." Users can perform a search for cities such as Columbia, Greensville, and Greenwood. Next, select the link, "Find a New Doctor." The following webpage will provide information on all qualified physicians within the area or a specified mile radius. Users may customize search results by choosing a doctor based on gender, board certification, and experience. Once searches are complete, Health Grades will provide a full detail report for each physician. Reports include information such as specialty, background information, patient surveys, credentials, education, physician characteristics, and so forth.

RateMD's: This website is the perfect online tool for finding information about a doctor's personality and professionalism. For the most part, doctor ratings included on the site are from previous and current patients. Regardless of whether the patient had a good or bad experience with a physician, they may rate the doctor's professionalism, and either encourage or discourage others from using the physician. To begin your search, visit Search doctors by last name using the alphabetized list. Stamped next to each physician's name will be a face (happy, sad, no expression). Each facial expression is indicative of a good rating, poor rating, and an average rating. Aside from reviewing the doctor's rating, users may also read comments posted by other patients, or add a new physician to the website.

AIM Docfinder: This is a great site for locating a physician in South Carolina. To begin your search, visit Next, choose the link for South Carolina's individual medical state board. The following webpage includes information for physicians such as licensee lookup, disciplinary actions, customer satisfaction survey, and tips on filing a complaint. To search a doctor, choose the option, "licensee lookup." Next, select the appropriate board, "medical board." Begin a doctor search by entering the physician's full name, area of specialty, and city/state. Submit the search inquiry, and wait for results. Results will consist of licensing information such as issue date, expiration date, status, suspensions, etc.

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