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Online Doctor Search: State of Utah

Finding a good family practice doctor in the state of Utah is workable. Once a person subscribes with a health insurance company, the company usually provides a primary care physician or recommends a doctor. While this method is great for finding a good doctor, your insurance company may suggest a doctor with a history of medical malpractice claims and poor bedside manners. Do not pick a physician blindly. Rather, choose a doctor by conducting a thorough online search. Online doctor searches are becoming more and more popular. By means of an online search, you can find information about any doctor’s past. What is their educational qualification? Has the doctor received any honors or recognitions? Many websites offer free doctor reports. To find doctor information, visit the following websites.

  • Utah Division of Occupational and Professional Licensing Physicians: To conduct an online search, visit This website offers a host of information about any doctor practicing within the state of Utah. Request a search with a licensee name or number. This is ideal for digging up background information on a current or recommended physician. Additionally, if recently relocated in Utah, this website can help you find a good doctor for yourself or family. Start a search by entering the physician’s first and last name, and submit the search inquiry. If the physician’s name is unknown, attempt a licensee number search. Even if the doctor’s first name is unknown, you can find a matching record with a surname. Choose your physician from the list. Licensee details include information such as license status, number, issue date, expiration date, and disciplinary actions.
  • Physician Reports: Another online search tool that offers detail physician information is Physician Reports. This website is very easy to use, and can provide doctor reports within minutes. Furthermore, reports are free and confidential. Therefore, doctors are never aware of search inquiries. To start an online search, visit Choose the “Start Now” tab. Next, enter a physician’s last name and select a state (Utah). A list of physician names will appear in the left hand column. Once your physician is found, research the doctor or learn more about the physician. Doctor reports include the physician’s medical specialty, office locations, experience, gender, etc. Detail physician reports are available for a small fee. These reports include details such as education, training, board certifications, misconduct suits, malpractice suits, and hospital ratings.
  • University of Utah Health Care: This website is useful for finding a quality doctor within the state of Utah. To begin a search, visit Next, search for a doctor by specialty, name, or language. Name and specialty searches are the most popular. Either enter a physician’s name, or choose from a doctor list. Submit the request. If searching by specialty, enter the medical specialty and preferred gender. For example, if looking for a general practitioner, choose this specialty from the list and submit the search request. Choose a medical doctor from the list. Results will provide physician’s name, photograph, office location, and board certification information (medical school, internships, fellowships, etc.).
Health Market Science: This website maintains profiles for over 5 million physician’s nationwide. Conduct an easy online search by visiting Choose the link, “available online.” Online provider information is a subscription based service. After paying a one-time membership fee, you receive unlimited doctor searches and comprehensive reports. Profiles include health care provider’s name, certification, medical school, training, graduation year, licensing details (issue date, status, and expiration date), hospital affiliations, acceptable health insurance plans, and office location. Online reports are easy to understand, and instantly available to subscribers.

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