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How to Find Virginia Death Records

Virginia Death Records

An online search of Virginia death records is simple. Because death records are commonly searched by genealogist and persons investigating their family tree, many websites offer constructive tools. The method for acquiring death records will vary according to state. Some states offer free online databases, in which users can search obituaries, cemetery records, vital records, and so forth. On the contrary, some states do not offer free online registries. In this instance, researches must submit a written request for a death record search. Virginia offers an assortment of online tools for quickly locating a death record. In most cases, death record searches are free of charge.

I Dream of Genealogy: This website offers a listing of statewide free databases for searching death records. Because this site is devoted to genealogy research, current or recent deaths records are unavailable. Rather, this website is useful for tracing one's family tree or discovering family roots. To begin your search, visit Records are indexed according to county. Choose a particular county or city, and begin a search. For example, if your ancestors lived in Norfolk, consider a search of newspaper obituaries and death certificates. I Dream of Genealogy provides links to these sources. Most ancestry death record indexes include deaths prior to 1916. However, this website offers select death records up to 1944.

Library of Virginia: The Library of Virginia has an online death index or directory, in which users can conduct a free death record search. Currently, the database contains death records for 1853 1896. Because this is an on-going project, new death records are periodically added to the registry. This search tools allows users to locate death records by using keywords. Persons researching their ancestors may have limited information. When searching for a death record, it helps to know the ancestor's full name. However, the online death index offered by the Library of Virginia is able to find matching records based on specific keywords. To begin your search, visit Choose the search option "Browse an Alphabetical List." Next, enter the ancestor's surname, and first name. Once the search inquiry is submitted, the database will browse the death index for a matching record. Genealogists and researchers may also consider an advanced search, in which they can enter up to three keyword phrases, and search death records within a specific time frame.

Online Virginia Death Records and Index: This website includes a comprehensive guide to searching death records online. Searching death records for genealogy purposes is challenging. Fortunately, numerous online resources can assist researchers. If searching for a death record in Virginia, the Online Virginia Death Records and Index is the perfect tool. This guide include links to various online sources such as the Virginia Military Dead Database, Assorted Virginia Death Indexes, cemetery records, obituary notices, and death indexes for individual counties and cities. Simply choose an appropriate link, and begin your search. To access the Online Virginia Death Records and Index, visit Additionally, this online guide provides links for searching death records or indexes in other states.

VDH Vital Records: Free online death indexes may not provide a matching record. In this case, it might help to request a death record search with the Virginia Department of Health. This state department maintains an index of all vital records. This includes marriage records, divorce records, birth records, death records, and so forth. If searching your family's lineage or requesting a death certificate, VDH Vital Records can help. To request a death record search, visit, or write to:

VDH, Office of Vital Records and Health Statistics
P.O. Box 1000
Richmond, Virginia

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