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How to Find Business Records in State of Virginia, USA

Virginia Business Records

There are numerous online resources for locating business records for Virginia corporations. Business records include detail information about each large or small business. For example, the number of employees, tax information, type of insurance, type of business (corporation, limited liability, and sole proprietorship), complaints against the business, etc. Searching business records can be difficult. Knowing where to start is the hard part. However, the Internet makes business record searches effortless. In addition to finding information on current operable businesses, a business record search may also provide information on historical or past businesses. Consider the following tips for searching business records in Virginia.

Virginia State Corporation Commission: All vital information about state businesses is recorded with the City Clerk's office. In the past, persons wanting to search records would have to visit this office in-person. If the business in question was located in a distant city, travel was involved. Because the majority of City Clerk's have online databases, it is possible to search business records from the comforts of your home or office. To begin your search, visit Next, choose the link "Clerk's Information System." The Direct Access Main Menu will provide eleven search options. For example, if searching for information on corporations, select the Corporate Inquiry Menu. The following webpage will allow users to search a variety of fields such as registered agents, fictitious names, old names, activity, etc. This information is also available by each city or county's official webpage. For more information on Virginia business record searches, write to the Virginia State Corporation Commission at:

Virginia State Corporation Commission

Attn: Clerk's Office

1300 E Main Street

P O Box 1197

Richmond, VA 23218

The Library of Virginia: The Library of Virginia contains an abundance of information about past businesses. Users can search a variety of archives online, and find details about individual companies, large firms, and family owned businesses, etc. A historical search is useful for educational purposes. Moreover, historical searches can offer some insight about a business owned by our ancestors.  To begin a historical search of Virginia business records, visit There are many online search options. Choose from archive and business manuscript catalogs, published business journals, county or city records, and business logs recorded by attorneys. Business searches are free, and the Library offers research assistance. For more information on searching historical business records contact archive research services at (804) 692-3888.

Virginia Business Online: This website contains insightful information about a variety of businesses and corporations in Virginia. Information recorded by the online database is received from a multitude of sources such as press releases, business journals, and newspapers articles. Business details include expansions, cutbacks, closings, mergers, real estate, financing, and legal suits. For more information on a Virginia business, visit Links to business records is located in the section, "For the Record." Current businesses can also provide information about their corporation. Mail business information to:

For the Record
Virginia Business Magazine
P.O. Box 85333
Richmond, VA 23293

Virginia Public Records Information: This website contains directory listings on various online investigation services able to locate business records for any state. Business records are public knowledge. Hence, there are ways to locate a record without paying a free. Most business directory listings will charge a fee. If a free search does not return a match, a fee-based Virginia corporate record search may be useful. Typically, paid business record searches cost $7.95 - $18.95. Hard-to-locate records are found through a comprehensive search of public records. In some instances, searches are preformed manually by hired experts or private investigators. For a directory listing of online services, visit

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