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How to Find Business Records in Washington State

Washington State Business Records

Searching for business records in Washington State is a fairly simple process. Using this method, you can obtain a good amount of information on a business. The Washington State website does not require you to pay, nor even register, in order to search their business database and the information they provide to you is absolutely free. The nine steps below will take you through the complete process of searching for businesses registered in Washington State via the Washington State Department of Revenue website -- from opening up your website browser to getting vital information about a particular business.

How to Search for Washington State Business Records

1. Begin your search by going to the Washing State website, located at http://www.wa.gov .

2. Once on the homepage, you will see a ‘List of Agencies and Departments’ link underneath the header and the page tabs (directly under the ‘Working - Employment’ and ‘Doing Business’ tabs).

3. After selecting this link, you will be taken to a page that lists hundreds of agencies and departments within the Washington State website.

4. You will then need to select ‘R’ on the top alphabet menu (or just scroll down the page until you reach the ‘R’ section).

5. This section will contain a list of links that begin with the letter ‘R’. The last link in this section will be a link to the Department of Revenue portion of the site, listed as ‘Revenue, Department of’.

6. Clicking on this link will direct you to the Washington State Department of Revenue website. Along the right side of this page, you will see a login menu. Under this login menu will be three icons that link to other pages on the Washington State Department of Revenue website. You want to select the middle icon (three papers outlined in purple), which is labeled ‘Business Records Database’.

7. From there, you will be taken to a form where you can search by two different options. First, you can search by the business or owner name. If you don’t know the whole or exact name, you can choose to search by ‘begins with’ or ‘contains’. You can also search only a specific city using this selection, but that is optional. Secondly, you can search by a UBI or tax registration number instead.

8. You will receive a list of businesses registered in the state of Washington that match your search criteria. They will be listed with their business name, the city they are located in, and their status (open or closed).

9. If you want more information, simply click on the company’s name. you will then be redirected to a page that shows you a summary of the business. This summary will include: the company’s tax registration number, their UBI number, their legal entity, any doing business as (DBA) names, their mailing address, their business location, the owner type (sole proprietor, corporation, partnership, LLC, etc), account opened date, account closed date (if applicable), and their NAICS code.

Although this is the extent of the information you can find on the website, it is still information that will tell you more about the business and give you identifying stats that will possibly allow you to search an additional resource -- in order to get a more in-depth look at that particular business. If this is a small, unknown business that you think you might purchase from, then your search should be rounded off with a stop at the Better Business Bureau  http://www.bbb.org  to make sure that there are not any unanswered complaints listed against the company.

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