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How to Find Business Records in Wisconsin State

Wisconsin State Business Records

If you need to find filing information on a business which is registered in Wisconsin, then the Wisconsin Department of Financial Institutions website has just what you need. The Wisconsin Department of Financial Institutions website offers a searchable database that is accessible to anyone. You do not need to be a resident of Wisconsin, give them any of your identifying information, or even have a password. All you need to do, in order to search the Wisconsin Department of Financial Institutions business information database, is follow the simple steps below.

How to Search the Wisconsin Department of Financial Institutions Database

1. Start your search by opening up your web browser and typing in http://www.wdfi.org/  This will take you to the Wisconsin Department of Financial Institutions website.

2. Once on the homepage, you will see a site menu along the left hand side of the page. The menu will be split into two sections: Quick File and Quick Links.

3. You will need to look under the Quick File section and click the ‘Search Business Records’ link (it will be the sixth link down within this section).

4. Doing this will take you to the Department of Financial Institutions search form. On this form, you will enter in your selected search words and then choose from one of three options. First you can choose to search by ‘Alphasort’. Using alphasort will help you find a business if you do not know the exact full name of the company. This is because you can search by the words that you do know and receive results that are closest to the part of the company name you have typed in. So, if you are looking for The Hubcap & Wheel Store, but the only part of the name you remember is‘Hubcap’ and ‘Store’, then you can type in ‘Hubcap Store’ and The Hubcap & Wheel Store would come up in your search results. Second you can search by ‘Exact Name’. Searching by the company’s exact name will help give you targeted results and lessen the chance that you will have to search through multiple pages of results before you find the company listing that you are looking for. Third, you can search by ‘Old Names’. This option will allow you to search for a company based on a name that the company used to go by, even though they now have a new name.

5. Once you have figured which one of these search options you want to use, click ‘Search Records’ (Note that the default ‘search by’ selection is alphasort).

6. You will receive a list of results from the Department of Financial Institutions’ database that match your search query. Your results will include businesses that are registered in the state of Wisconsin. This list will contain each company’s name, what type of business they are (ex: domestic business, foreign limited liability, etc), the registered effective date, and the status/status date. To find out more information about a particular listing, click on the company’s name.

7. You will the be taken to the company’s information page. The information on the company may include: the entity ID, the registered effective date, the period of existence, the status, the status date, the entity type, the annual report requirements, the registered agent’s office address, the principal’s office address, their annual reports, their certificates of newly-elected officers/directors, any old names, and the chronology of any filed documents.

Using the Wisconsin Department of Financial Institutions website information database is simple and easy. By following these seven steps, you will be able to find out a great deal of information on any business registered in Wisconsin.

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