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How to Find Business Records in Wyoming

Searching for Business Records in Wyoming

In the State of Wyoming, the database of Wyoming business entities is maintained by the Wyoming Secretary of State. Much of this information is available online. Here are a few tips for accessing this information.

What Records Are Maintained by the Wyoming Secretary of State?

In the State of Wyoming, when a corporation or similar business entity incorporates, the formation must be documented by filing a record with the Wyoming Secretary of State. The business entity must also file periodic updates and notifications of changes. These documents are all maintained by the Secretary of State as matters of public record.

It should be noted that not all businesses located in the State of Wyoming have incorporated in Wyoming. Some businesses do not incorporate or form a business entity requiring a filing with the Secretary of State. Additionally, not all businesses incorporated in the state in which they are situated. Instead, some businesses elect to incorporate in a state other than their home state in order to take advantage of the laws of that state. The Wyoming Secretary of State will have records for businesses that have incorporated in the State of Wyoming. The Wyoming Secretary of State might also have records of businesses incorporated in a different state, if that business has had cause to file registration in the State of Wyoming.

How Can I Search for Records Maintained by the Wyoming Secretary of State?

To search for business entity information in the State of Wyoming, visit the website for the Wyoming Secretary of State, found at http://soswy.state.wy.us/ . Then select the option marked “Corporations” at the top of the page under the heading. Scroll down the page to select the option “Database” in blue. This will take you to a page entitled “Public Access to Corporations. Enter the name or the first part of the name of the business entity for which you wish to search, then click the button marked “Search.”

The search results will be returned in the form of a list, which will include the identification number of the business entity, the name, type, and state. Clicking on the business entity ID number will take you to a page dedicated to that business entity. This page will include additional information, including any DBA (another name under which the business entity does business), date of initial filing, status, standing, defunct cause if any, defunct date if any, and mailing address. The page will also provide information about the business entity’s registered agent, including the name, address and county of the registered agent. If the name and address have changed, that information will also be included. There may be information about officers of the business entity, including the president, vice president, secretary, treasurer and director. Finally, any additional information pertaining to reinstatements, renewals, assignments, amendments, mergers, purpose, common par value, number of common shares, whether the business entity is for profit or nonprofit and additional information will be included when available.

Although this information is substantial, it is not yet possible to view images of the actual filed documents over the internet. To view the files it will be necessary to visit or otherwise contact the Wyoming Secretary of State’s office, located in the Capitol Building, Room 110, 200 West 24th Street, Cheyenne,Wyoming 82002-0020.

Finally, if you choose, you may download the entire Corporations database from the Wyoming Secretary of State website onto your computer system in order to access the information without first accessing the Secretary of State’s website for each use. A link to this information may be found on the Corporations search page titled “Public Access to Corporations.” The link appears as the words “Click Here” in blue beneath the corporations search window. Clicking on this link will permit you to download the database in an XBase format file, in zipped form.

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