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How to Find Business Records in Wyoming State

Wyoming State Business Records

In Wyoming, you do not have to look far to obtain information on businesses that are registered in that state. One short trip to the Wyoming Secretary of State’s website can give you all the information you need to know in order to obtain location, officer, and stock information on a company. Even if you have never searched a government website before, finding these records will take you little to no time at all, if you follow the following seven simple steps.

How to Search for Wyoming State Business Records

1. Begin your Wyoming state business records search by going to the Wyoming Secretary of State’s website at http://soswy.state.wy.us/ 

2. When you get to the homepage, you will see a horizontal site menu along the top of the page (directly underneath the header). You need to find and click on the ‘Corporations’ link located on this site menu. This link will be the second selection from the left.

3. Once on the corporations page, you will find a useful list of links to various tools and resources located on the website. From this list, you will want to choose the fourth link down, which is labeled ‘Database’. This link will be directly between the ‘Contact Information’ and ‘Fee Schedule’ links.

4. From there, you will then be taken to a form where you can type in a business name. Even if you do now know the exact name of the company you are in search of, be sure to enter in what you do know -- even if it is just the first few letters. That way, you will get a listing on every company in Wyoming whose name starts with those letters. This will give you a better selection and ensure that you find the company you are looking for.

5. Once you begin the database search, you will receive a results list of businesses that are registered in Wyoming and whose names match your search query. This list will display each company’s CID number, name, type, and state.

6. Search this list carefully to determine if the company you are looking for was successfully found. Once you find the company you are looking for, you can click on their CID number to retrieve more information on them.

7. Bu clicking on their CID number, you will be directed to a page which displays the company’s details. These details may include: the company’s CID number, their name, the type of company, any DBA name(s) they may go by, their state of incorporation, the initial filing date, the status, the standing, the defunct cause (if any), the defunct date (if any), the mailing address, the registered agent’s name, address, county, and whether the registered agent’s name or address has been changed since they became affiliated with the company, a list of the officers and directors (president, vice president, secretary, treasurer, and director) within the company, the reinstate date, the renewal date, the RA reassigned date, the company’s purpose, their annual report number, whether the company is profit or non-profit, their stock and shares information, the intent to dissolve, the expiration date, the assignment date, the amendment date, the merger date (if any), the merger ID (if any), and the last year that they filed.

By using the Wyoming Secretary of State’s website to search business records, you will be able to obtain information on any business that is registered in the area. The search is fast, free, and requires nothing more than access to the Internet. Whether you are scoping out business prospects or are a consumer wanting to know if a company is legitimate, this useful database can help you.

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