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Employee Work History search results may include:

Employment Verification
• Employment History
• Employment Status
• Place of Employment
• Workplace injuries
• Terminations
• Leaves
• Employment misconduct records
• Moonlighting Work History
• Social Security Information
• Pension Contributions
• Tax Records

Employment History Check

A wise employer does not always believe everything in an applicant’s resume without a background check. This is why applicants are asked for references with e-mail addresses and phone numbers to be followed up upon. A background check on an applicant’s employment history records can protect the company as well as fellow employee’s and management. Free vs Paid sites to Verify Work History?

Employment Records

GovRegistry is the online authority for searching public records to find the accurate employment history of any person that has been employed legally in the United States. Whether you are just looking out of interest or doing a background check to protect your business interests, you can rely on GovRegistry to help you find the right information immediately.

Employment verifications and background checks are investigated for a variety of reasons. Potential employers and others with interest search a person’s employment status, current location of employment and history of employment. It is important for employers and headhunters to see if a person in question is currently employed, has a questionable work history or submitted an accurate and truthful resume. Poor hiring or headhunting often costs a company lost productivity, potential lawsuits and grievances, diminished employee moral and the blow to corporate reputation. One of the top reasons for unsuccessful hiring is the decision maker having false information or not enough accurate information. A simple employment history check with the GovRegistry data Registry to verify their work experience and job-related skills, could have helped these employers make better decisions towards an applicants fit, their starting salary or wage and their job descriptions.

Employment Records Search

Small contract jobs such as landscaping work, babysitting and housecleaning also put a great deal of trust in the hands of those you employ. If you want to protect your home and your family and ensure that your most precious possessions are in good hands it is recommended that you investigate your employment history. An untarnished record uncovered by GovRegistry can provide peace of mind that you have the right people for the job and chances of poor performance, fraud, theft and misconduct have most likely been averted.

Creditors, landlords, brokers, bankers, rental agencies and other verifiers are often prudent in protecting their assets by checking the backgrounds of those they have contracts with. If you are renting or providing financing for another asset that requires frequent payments, employment verification is invaluable to minimizing your risk. The GovRegistry Registry can ensure that the tenant or debtor has a steady flow of income in order to meet payment dates and amounts.

If you are currently applying for employment it is a good idea to search yourself to see what is on your employment record in order to see what you employer might see while in the application or interview process. If there is something questionable that might create a cause for concern it is good to be prepared before the issue is brought up in the interview or the workplace.

Finding Free Employment History Information

Typically to find employment information on somebody the only requirement is that at some point they have paid taxes with their Social Security Number. If the person is unemployed, GovRegistry will find the dates when they were receiving Social Security benefits. When verifying employment or investigating work history, GovRegistry provides you instantly with the very best links, resources and how-to information so that you can quickly uncover the right information and get on your way avoiding the multiple dead ends and misinformation often provided by other online public records services. We as well as thousands of customers know that GovRegistry can provide you with the most relevant public records available online, which in turn gives you the most exhaustive and updated employment records possible. Feel informed and feel secure that you are making better decisions with better information.

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