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Many online resources offer free information on Arizona prison and jail inmates. Searching for a prison inmate can be time consuming. If the prisoner’s precise location is unknown, contacting each correctional facility and requesting a manual search can take several hours. On the other hand, you can quickly find a prison with an inmate locator tool. The majority of correctional facilities nationwide offer a free locator tool. Moreover, each state has an official inmate locator feature. Using this feature will save you time, and make finding an inmate effortless. Simply complete specific search fields, and within a few minutes, inmate records are available at your fingertips.

Arizona Department of Corrections: Using Arizona’s Department of Correction’s website is an easy way to find a prison inmate. The Department of Corrections is responsible for recording information on each person incarcerated within the prison system. If you cannot find a prisoner with the Department’s locator tool, the person may have moved locations. To begin a quick search, visit . There are two ways to search the inmate database. Either enter a six-digit prison identification number, or enter the prisoner’s last name. Name searches provide matching records. However, results may provide several matching records. For example, there may be two or three inmates with the same first and last name. In this case, an identification number is useful because each number is unique. Search fields also ask requestors to identify the prisoner’s gender, and prison status (active or inactive). Once a matching record is found, prison details include the person’s full name, inmate number, date of birth, gender, race, sentence date, release date, and criminal offense record. Inmate records also provide additional information such as disciplinary actions, aliases, work program participation, parole information, and escapee information if applicable.

Skipease: This website offers online searches for different types of public records, including inmate searches. To locate an Arizona inmate with Skipease, visit . Select the search option, “Inmate Search.” Next, locate the box under the heading, “State Corrections and Inmate Searches.” Choose the appropriate state. In this instance, select “Arizona”. The following webpage directs requestors to Arizona’s online inmate database search tool. Enter a six-digit number and find an inmate. If their prison identification number is unknown, conduct a name search. Provide a last name and first name initial. This search offers instant information on any prison inmate. Find details such as the prisoner’s sentencing date, release date, physical description, race, gender, criminal history, etc. If the inmate was granted a parole, or participated in an inmate work program, these details are included on the report. Some inmate records also include a photograph.

Federal Bureau of Prison: When an inmate’s location is unknown, a search of Federal inmate records can help. The Federal Bureau of Prisons keeps an accurate record of prisoners held within all correctional facilities. Furthermore, the Bureau permits multiple search options. To begin a search, visit . Choose a name search or ID search. Both are advantageous. If the prisoner has a unique first or last name, a name search can provide a quick match. On the other hand, if the prisoner’s name is common (John Smith, Mike Williams, etc.), a search by identification number is useful. After completing the search fields, submit the request. A quick search of all prison inmate records can provide a match within a few seconds. To help requestors narrow down the search, results provide the prisoner’s full name and date of birth. Choose a record. Prison details include a color photograph, full name, age, gender, race, location, criminal history, and conviction information (sentence and release date).

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