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Birth Records and related birth files/documents may contain:

  • Name
  • Date of Birth
  • Time of Birth
  • City/Town/Country of birth
  • Hospital and residing Doctor
  • Birth parents and/or legal guardian
  • Special considerations
  • Putative registered father status, states the claim of an unwed biological father to record claim of paternity

If you are looking for documentation regarding birth records, dates, statistics and all associated details, then our Birth Records Databases will provide you with a wealth of information. Probably everything you are looking for and more. Your membership will give you instant access to dates of birth, country, state and city of birth, possible hints of special considerations at the time of birth like important and critical situational information. Read into this how you like but we are aware of countless circumstances where birth record searches have yielded information far beyond what we would expect in the public domain.

The world wide web is really a wonderful thing, however most search engines will simply lead you to common websites that can be sourced with only a minor amount of leg work. GovRegistry includes all important database driven websites that can only be sourced through specialized tools that specifically query the Deep-Web.

Deep-web sites are difficult for traditional search engines to find, since the Google's of the world cannot simulate a human entering specific information that initiates a direct database query.

If you are looking for Birth Records, Marriage Records, Adoption and Birth Parent information or any other info legally available to Public Access, then you can trust us to lead you directly there. Why waste hours or even weeks with searches that hit a brick wall. If there is birth record information available with your precise criteria in mind. Then we will help you find it. Period.

Do you want to obtain a birth record? You must have a qualified purpose in order to obtain a birth record in the US, Canada and most countries. Birth Records and other official documents could potentially be used for unlawful purposes such as identity theft, illegal immigration, ID in which to aide in acquiring other personal and confidential information (read: social security number).

A qualified purpose is if you are the person seeking the official certificate or record, if you are a parent or legal guardian, if you are a relative of someone deceased or if you are the legal representative of any of the above.

Birth Documents can be obtained through the appropriate county department of Vital records. However this can often be an arduous and time consuming task. Our members only databases will help you find birth records quickly and correctly the first time, efficiently expediting the process.

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