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State Sex Offender Search: Arkansas

The Arkansas Crime Information Center is a state website that provides a broad range of information relating to crime. From crime statistics to specific criminal records, this site is open to any researcher who wants to obtain the information archived here. For Arkansas sex offender searches, simply visit and click on Sex Offender Registry at the horizontal menu at the top of the page.

The Arkansas Sex Offender Registry page is densely packed with information. It is a long page which, if a researcher will scroll down, provides information about: sex offender registration, who is required to register in Arkansas, the sex offender registration form, sex offender change of address form, sex offender acknowledgement form, other requirements for sex offenders, stipulations regarding failure to register, and much more including a link to download a sex offender manual and sex offender guidelines.

Of course, you may linger near the top of this page to search for specific offenders, but this page is interesting because much of it seems directed for the sex offenders themselves. Most state sex offender registries seem to direct their information at the public in general to promote safety. The Arkansas sex offender registry goes so far as to provide links to the forms the sex offenders use to register. Also, the failure to register section is also for the sex offenders’ information. However, for researchers who are interested in the process of sex offender registration—this site outlines everything that needs to be done.

To search the Arkansas Sex Offender Registry, click on sex offender search. You will be directed to a page that requires your agreement to the listed terms before an actual search can be performed. The page will inform you, among other things, that the activity therein will be monitored. It will also explain that the online registry provides access to the records of level 3 and level 4 offenders. Each state defines its sex offenders and levels differently. In essence, level 3 offenders are high risk and level 4 are considered to be sexually violent criminals.

The search page is also rather unique as compared to other state sex offender search pages. To begin, there is no text that actually explains how to perform a search. It is simply a large search box where you are expected to fill in data. The first text box expects you to enter a name. This can be initially confusing because you may not be attempting a name search. Often, residents want to perform a search for sex offenders near their own address to better be aware of who is living in their community. However, you can simply ignore this box if your search is to be more general.

Instead, scroll to the city data box. As a sample search, enter Little Rock. Then, click the “search” button. At this point you will be directed to a long page filled with names and columns indicating the offenders’ addresses, age, zip code, race, sex, and risk level and whether the offender has a photo on file. If you click on a name, you will be directed to a page about them that includes a photo, their address, date of birth, their signature, and the charge.

Similarly, you might search by zip code or by county. The address search is somewhat difficult to use if you are plugging in a specific address. For example, after several sample searches of real streets in Arkansas, the site does not pull up any information unless there is a match. Many other sex offender sites will pull up any offenders in a radius of a specific address; this site does not appear to do that.

However, some websites provide maps that either help or confuse a search; at least, this registry is not hindered by excess information. It appears to list the information required by law with very few bells and whistles. Therefore, the public has access to search these records in a reasonably easy manner.

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