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Typically, Baptism Records contain the following information:
• Full name of the Baptized person
• Full name of the mother of the person
• Full name of the father of the person
• Full name of the place where the person is baptized, typically a church
• Full date, including month, date, and year of the Baptism ceremony

When an individual is baptized, it symbolizes his or her welcome into the church community. Usually, the family of a baptized child receives a Baptism Certificate to commemorate this at the time the child receives this sacrament. If the baptized individual is an adult, he or she will be given the Baptism Certificate. The certificate is typically stored with other important documents such as the birth certificate.

Unfortunately, this tiny slip of paper is often lost among the many other pieces of paper that we collect throughout our lives. It sticks to the back of other documents. It hides in between folds of papers. It might even be tossed into the trash accidentally.

Quite often, other mementoes are received on this important occasion, including a baptism candle or smock. Therefore, the Baptism Certificate may be stored along with these items and the chance for it to become misplaced is greater. The certificate is small in size due to the small amount of information that is kept on it. Even so, a great deal more information is found on the Baptism Certificate than in the old days when baptisms were simply recorded in the family Bible along with marriages, births, and deaths.

Speaking of family Bibles puts to mind the usefulness of using Baptism Certificates for genealogical research. Searching for your ancestors and tracking your lineage through Baptism Certificates is one way to gather useful information for school projects, family trees, or personal knowledge.

You can discover who was married to whom, as well as who had children and how many children they had. Learn the names of cousins, including first and second cousins. Connect people together on paper instead of in suppositions about family relationships. Developing a family tree can be achieved with extensive research that includes the use of Baptism Certificates.

Since proof that the individual has been baptized is required in order to receive other sacraments, it is important to replace the Baptism certificate for your own record keeping. Searching for your certificate is relatively simple. Although you may conduct the search on your own, companies exist that are equipped to do this for you.

Baptism records are usually requested prior to the time that an individual is going to receive another sacrament, including marriage. It doesn’t take very long to acquire a replacement, especially if you know where to look. However, the request should still be made as soon as you realize that the original is missing.

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