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Beginning your search for Baptism Records

Baptism Certificates usually include the following information:
• Full name given to the Baptized individual
• Full name of the mother of the individual
• Full name of the father of the individual
• Full name of the place where the individual is baptized, typically a church
• Exact date of the Baptism ceremony

The Baptism Certificate might also include the following:
• Full name of the godmother or first sponsor of the individual
• Full name of the godfather or the second sponsor of the individual

Not everyone has a Baptism certificate, but if you have been baptized, then, you should have a copy of your Baptism certificate. Generally, the Baptism certificate is given to the parents of the individual, if he or she is a child, at the time the individual is baptized. If the individual is an adult, which is often the case, then the Baptism certificate is given to the individual.

Occasionally, the certificate will be mailed out to the family at a later date, depending upon the particular church where the individual is baptized. The Baptism certificate is an important religious document in the life of the individual. It is often stored with the Birth Certificate and other important papers.

The Baptism certificate may be requested for viewing by the pastor of the church. In particular, this document might be requested at the time that the individual is preparing to receive another sacrament. The elementary school may also request that the child bring their Baptism Certificate into school when they discuss the meaning of Baptism.

Some churches also give the baptized individual a Baptism candle to be lit on the anniversary of the Baptism each year. Although all churches do not practice this, this small ceremony is viewed as a sign of strengthening the faith of the Baptized individual.
The Baptism certificate is a special way of remembering the date that the individual gained entrance as a member of God’s family.

Occasionally, the Baptism Certificate may get lost in the shuffle of a move from one home to another. Additionally, it can simply become misplaced after the annual renewal. Unfortunately, a natural disaster might be the cause for the destruction of the Baptism Certificate. Whatever the cause for its disappearance, a replacement is certainly warranted. Many companies are available that can help you with your search for a replacement for the Baptism Certificate.

Most searches can begin and end in the same day. Typically, the church where the individual was baptized will be able to replace the document. Therefore, the first location to contact is the church rectory by telephone. If you have moved, then you may still want to telephone your request for a duplicate copy of the Birth Certificate. However, if the church is distant from where you are currently located, you may want to send a written request with a self-addressed, stamped envelope.

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