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Birth Certificate Search with Government Records

A birth certificate typically includes the following information:

• Name of the individual at birth
• Place of birth (typically the city and state)
• Date of birth
• Name of the mother (typically includes the maiden name)
• Name of the father
• Official signature (typically of a county clerk)
• Certificate number

Finding an official copy of a birth certificate can be relatively easy, especially if it belongs to someone who has been born in the last few decades. However, if you are in search of a birth certificate for a deceased ancestor, an elderly relative, or someone for whom you only have spotty information, it can prove to be a disheartening task. Fortunately, Government Records, an online authority for searching for official documents, is available to pick up the task for you.

Birth certificates are valuable documents. They can prove who we are, how old we are, and who our parents are. Additionally, they can be used to help create family trees, link together important historical information, and much more. From the days of old when family births used to be entered into the family Bible, along with other important dates, such as deaths and marriages, documentation of a birth was an important process. Family Bibles are no longer the official means of documenting births, deaths, and marriages, although some families may still keep up with the practice.

Today, the government takes care to provide an official means of identification that begins at our birth. Our birth certificate can provide proof of our identity, and therefore, it is quite often requested for just such proof. Every citizen receives a copy of their birth certificate at birth, or at least their parents receive it. Unfortunately, important papers can be just as wayward as unimportant papers.

Natural disasters, fluke accidents, and unintentional mishaps can all result in a missing birth certificate. Replacing a birth certificate is as easy as asking a question and waiting for a response. Government Records is the company waiting for your question and the opportunity to find your answer. Let us help you rediscover the small, official looking slip of paper that can open so many doorways for you.

Birth certificates are often used as identification papers when applying for a passport, driver’s permit or license, state identification card, working permit papers, or enrollment in elementary schools. If your birth certificate or the birth certificate of a loved one has gone astray, let us help you acquire a new one.

A new official copy of a birth certificate is the only thing holding you back from an exciting trip around the world with your passport in tow. It is also the only thing holding you back from the thrill of the wheel, the air rushing through your hair, and the right to change the radio station because you are doing the driving. A missing birth certificate is the only thing keeping you from financial freedom and the ability to buy the newest CD, pair of sneakers, or hottest outfit.

Don’t wait until you need it for identification purposes. Save time and trouble. Avoid the stress of doing it yourself. Use a reputable service and allow Government Records to help you with the search for your official copy of your birth certificate.

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