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How to do a Birth Certificate Search

An official copy of a birth certificate generally includes the following:
Full name of the individual at birth
Place of birth (city, state, and sometimes county)
Exact date of birth
Full name of the mother (includes the maiden name)
Full name of the father

An official signature, typically that of a county clerk, will also be on the certificate. Additionally, most birth certificates carry a certificate number on them.

One of the most valuable documents that you will ever have is your birth certificate. This tiny piece of paper identifies who you are, how old you are, and who your parents are. Plus, of course, it identifies where you were born.

If you have ever seen a copy of an original birth certificate, then you know that it has a raised seal upon it that identifies it as official and legal. Occasionally, people photocopy their birth certificate to be used for requests for identification. However, many legal documents, that will require a copy of your birth certificate for identification purposes, will require an official copy, not a photocopy. Therefore, it is essential that you have an official copy accessible.

How does a person get a birth certificate? The original official copy of your birth certificate is given to your parents upon your birth. If you are adopted, your birth certificate will be given to your adoptive parents.

Typically, birth certificates are recognized for their importance, and are kept in a safe and secure location. Unfortunately, this is often not enough to keep them safe. Natural disasters such as tornados, floods, and hurricanes may destroy this most precious of documents. Fires, whether caused by a careless human act or an act of Mother Nature such as lightening, may destroy a carefully tucked away birth certificate along with everything else that has been stored with it.

Fortunately, a new official copy of your birth certificate can be secured in several ways. Contacting the proper public office is one way to begin. Plus, reputable online companies, such as GovRegistry can also assist you in your search and help you find the birth certificate that you are looking to find.

Locating a new copy of your birth certificate can involve several weeks. First, you need to locate the proper office to deal with your request. Then, you need to fill out your forms and submit them along with payment. Finally, you wait while your request is processed.

For these reasons, it is recommended that you begin to secure a replacement for the birth certificate as soon as you discover that it is missing. This can save countless moments of stress and frustration should you require an official copy of your birth certificate at short notice.

In fact, GovRegistry is equipped with extensive resources that can locate the records you need promptly and efficiently. Let GovRegistry, an online authority for searching official records, do the legwork for you. Our services are reasonable, reputable, and efficient. Contact us today for the search of records that you want or need.


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