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Birth Records Alaska
The Department of Health and Social Services of the State of Alaska maintains records of births in Alaska.

Birth records in Alaska may be requested only by the person on the birth certificate or the parents of the person on the birth certificate. Public access to birth records is available 100 years after the birth took place. To prevent identity theft and maintain the confidentiality of the birth records as well as to be sure the applicant is eligible to receive the birth certificate, in addition to filling out a standard form and paying the appropriate fees, the applicant must include a copy of their picture ID and sign the copy to prove their identity.

How to Request a Copy of a Birth Certificate

To request a copy of your birth certificate or your child�s birth certificate from the State of Alaska, download the form located here:

Be sure to include the exact name as it appears on the birth certificate. Fill out the form and either mail or fax it.

If mailing the form, include a check (with pre-printed name and address) or money order, signed copy of your picture ID, and the appropriate fees to:

Bureau of Vital Statistics

5441 Commercial Blvd

PO Box 110675

Juneau, AK 99801-0675

If you are faxing, fax your form, signed copy of your picture ID and credit card information to:


Note: If you are paying by credit card, you will incur an additional $11 fee.

After you fax your request, please call the Alaska Bureau of Vital Statistics to make sure they received the fax. Their number is 907-465-3391 and their hours are 8:00 AM to 4:00 PM Alaska Time Monday through Friday.


Each certified copy of an Alaskan birth certificate costs $20. If the certificate cannot be found, the fee is non-refundable and instead you will receive a 3-year search along with a �statement of search�. If you want an extended search, enclose $1 per year.

Processing Time

Applications received from the mail usually take about 3-5 working days from the time they arrive at the Bureau of Vital Statistics. Faxed requests that are paid for with a credit card at the time of the fax are usually processed within 3 business days. Add on additional time for mail service to deliver your certificate.

The $11 credit card charge is not intended to expedite service. 

Electronic Requests is an option for those who prefer to request their birth records electronically. When you use this service you will incur additional fees. You will still pay the $20 fee that Alaska requires along with an expedite fee, shipping fees and VitalChek processing fee. Using this service is easy but processing times are set by the agency they are working with. VitalChek has no control over the workload of the agency or the amount of time the particular agency takes to process and ship the request.

For more information

You can contact the Records Processing Unit at 907-465-3391 for information about your request.

Alaska: ~

Anchorage District Recorder
Anchorage, AK
907 - 269 - 0990

Fairbanks District Court
Fairbanks, AK
907 - 452 - 9210

Bethel District Recorder
Bethel, AK
907 - 543 - 3391

Cape Nome Recorder
Nome, AK
907 - 443 - 5178

Homer District Recorder
Homer, AK
907 - 235 - 8136

Juneau District Recorder
Juneau, AK
907 - 465 - 3392

Kenai County Clerk
Kenai, AK
907 - 283 - 3118

Ketchikan Recorder
Ketchikan, AK
907 - 225 - 3142

Kodiak Recorder
Kodiak, AK
907 - 486 - 9432

Palmer District Recorder
Palmer, AK
907 - 746 - 8102

Sitka Recorder
Sitka, AK
907 - 747 - 3275

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