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Birth Records Arkansas
Arkansas Vital Records maintains birth records for births that occurred in Arkansas from February 1, 1914 through the present. Some records for births before than that were filed after 1914 are also available. In addition, Arkansas Vital Records has original copies of Little Rock births and Fort Smith births dating from 1881.

Arkansas releases three forms of birth records: an actual copy of the original birth certificate, a certification copy and a plastic, wallet-size birth card.

Arkansas law does not allow public access to birth records if the records are less than 100 years old. The law allows release to authorized persons such as those who are related to the registrant or release to the registrant�s designated representatives. They will also release birth records to academic research groups, and to people who can prove a right to the birth record.

How to Obtain a Birth Record

In order to obtain a birth record, you must be an authorized person or entity and fill out the application located here:

In addition, you must pay the appropriate fees in the form of a check or money order made payable to: Arkansas Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS).

Be sure to include the following information with the application:

  • The full name of the person on the birth certificate
  • Date of birth
  • City or town and county of birth
  • Father�s full name
  • Mother�s full name including her maiden name
  • Your relationship to the person named on the certificate
  • Your reason for requesting the certificate

Mail to:

Arkansas Department of Health and Human Services

Division of Health

Vital Records

P.O. Box 8184

Little Rock, AR 72203-8184


Birth records cost $12.00 for the first copy and $10.00 for each additional copy so long as it is ordered of the same record, at the same time. The $12 fee is non-refundable and is kept as a searching fee if no record is found or no copy is made. You can request a refund for any amount paid over the $12.00 search fee. If you�ve used the express credit card service, the expedite fee is also non-refundable.

Expedited Orders

Call (866) 209-9482 or (866) 300-8534 to obtain an expedited copy of a birth certificate. Expect to pay an expedite fee in addition to the cost for the certificate. Both the expedite fee and search fee are non-refundable regardless if the record is found. The certificate can be sent overnight by Federal Express but you will incur an additional shipping fee.

Amending a Birth Certificate

Arkansas Vital Records is able to create delayed certificates and to make a variety of amendments to records without a court order. Examples of some of these are:

  • Delayed birth certificates
  • Correcting minor errors
  • First and middle name changes (however some cases require a court order)
  • Date (however some cases require a court order)
  • Using a Paternity Affidavit to add a natural father (if a father is not already listed)
  • Legitimization which is adding the natural father marriage

Each action requires specific procedure, which is mandated by law. Because there are so many different types of actions it is best to contact the Vital Records office by sending a copy of the record or providing them with enough information to locate the record or evaluate the request.

If a change is needed, inform them which information is incorrect and what the correct information should be. The office personnel will then send specific instructions. Be specific and thorough and mail your request to:

Arkansas Department of Health and Human Services

Division of Health

Vital Records

P.O. Box 8184

Little Rock, AR 72203-8184

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Stuttgart, AR
870 -673 -7311

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Hamburg, AR
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Mountain Home, AR
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Bentonville, AR
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Lonoke, AR
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Texarkana, AR
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Blytheville, AR
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Monroe County Circuit Court
Clarendon, AR
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Montgomery County Clerk
Mount Ida, AR
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Nevada Circuit Clerk
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Jasper, AR
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Ouachita County Clerk
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Perryville, AR
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Phillips County Circuit Clerk
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Poinsett County Clerk
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Polk Clerk Of The Circuit Court
Mena, AR
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Pope County Circuit Clerk
Russellville, AR
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Prairie County Clerk
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Dardanelle, AR
501 -229 -4404

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