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Five Things a California Background Check May Uncover


Running a California background check can make sense if you want to protect your business or family. It's always good to know precisely who you're dealing with when you're out there in the marketplace. What will a background check show you? It depends on the person and the type of check you perform. For the most part, you can expect the check to reveal the following.

Criminal court records

The right background check will uncover convictions and arrests alike. If you're looking to hire the right person to work for your company or employ the right contractor to work on your home, you'll want to know as much as possible. In some cases, people get arrested and never end up with a conviction even if they broke the law. A good California background check wills how you both so you can know precisely who you're about to do business with.

Public records filings

You can learn a lot about a person by looking at the public record. You'll learn whether they have any lawsuits pending against their old employer. You might also learn of any official actions they've participated in. A good background check will give you a sense of everything the person has done in the public eye. Not all of this will be bad, of course. You can get a sense of the total person by looking at the public record.

Bankruptcy proceedings

It pays to know whether the person you're about to contract with has gone through a devastating bankruptcy. While this might not disqualify them from the job, bankruptcy proceedings are a major red flag you need to know about. This can give you insights into their financial responsibility. This is especially important if you're about to engage in a business deal. A person who has declared bankruptcy before might be willing to welch on their responsibilities, leaving you holding an empty bag.

Sex offender registry listings

People convicted of sex-related offenses often have to register with the state. The state keeps a listing of their location, their crime, and what they are doing. It pays to know whether the person you're dealing with has had these run-ins in the past. While some arrests and other proceedings will fall off a person's background profile after a while, the majority of sex offender laws require offenders to register for life. You'll have a strong working knowledge of precisely what the person did.

Driving records

Though it might seem like a small thing, a driving record can tell you about a person's level of responsibility. Many jobs require individuals to drive a company car. You incur liability when they drive around with your company's name attached to the door or window. Knowing a person's driving history before you decide to work with them can make good sense.

When you conduct a California background check, you'll get a sense of who you're about to engage in a business deal or employment contract. You can choose the right person to babysit your kids or care for your older loved ones. These background checks help keep you safe and allow for deals that make sense for all involved.


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