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What is the Law about doing Employee history checks on potential employees

If you're interested in doing an employment history check, this will help if you're trying to get information on an employee or to understand a person's background and what may be included in it. For example, most employment verification checks will come in two parts. The first part is where it's an employment verification check on the particular types of jobs that the person had and the type of work they may have completed. This will include salary history, dates of employment, and verification of the type of employment that they said that they completed. The other type is the verification of an actual background check to ensure they have no criminal activity on their record.

To start your work and job history search

To go about doing any employment history check for the types of jobs that they posted on their application online or what they wrote out on a written application, one way to get the information is to actually just call the companies that they have listed and verify dates of employment and salary. This is the only information that a company can you give out. They can't give out an opinion about the employee but they may be able to say whether or not they would rehire them again. Because there are laws in the United States as it relates to equal opportunity for employment, employers are not obligated to give you more information than what is required, and they also can't damage an employee by stating that they did something wrong when they didn't because they were disgruntled if the person quit suddenly, for example.

Verifying Job History

When you call the different companies, you can just ask the basic questions such as if this person worked there, what were the dates of employment, what was the salary and would you rehire them. An alternative to this is to go into their actual public records information to do the other part of the employment background check and you may find other information there that confirms their employment or indicates otherwise.

Search Work history records by name

When you start your search to look into their actual employment verification check through a background search, you can put in a person's first and last name on a site like Free Public Records resources, and you'll be able to find thousands of people with similar names. Again you'll have to go in and narrow it down by putting in their middle name or middle initial if you have it.

Add a location: Next you're going to add a city or a town where they lived in because this can help you to narrow down where they may have lived. You can then decide if you have the right person and you can tell whether or not that particular person has had any type of criminal activity.

Finding arrest records: Sometimes people when they were in their teens might have done something with juvenile courts and you may see the information there. If you do see something that shows a criminal arrest record, or if it shows that they were the person you thought they were, you may see where they were in a correctional facility and had to report to probation officer for example. You will also be able to see the actual dates and this can confirm the time period when a person may have said they were at another job. Keep in mind, this doesn't mean that the person was lying to you because you have to verify that you do indeed have the right person. For example, there can be more than one John Smith who has an arrest record. That's why it's important to get as much background in information as you can to verify where that person lived. That's why you want to try to get specific information like a town or the city where they grew up and where they lived as a child. You can do this with their birth certificate information as well and this will confirm that you have the right person. There are a lot of employment verification checks that are done this way and a lot of people have been caught in lies because they had 'extended time away' but they tried to lie about.


Public records cover a lot of information. In our next section we'll explore how to do searches for titles and deeds.

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