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The Internet makes it possible to locate any prison nationwide with the click of a button. There is a variety of online tools available for searching for people. Using the Internet is practical for a number of reasons. For starters, online searches eliminate the hassle of contacting each individual prison facility by telephone. Moreover, online searches are quick. You can search an inmate from the comforts of your home or office. California inmate searches are the easiest. For the most part, online correctional facilities maintain a database of all inmates. You can locate a friend or relative within seconds. Consider the following online websites offering free information on California inmates.

California Department of Corrections:  Each state has a Department of Corrections, which maintains an accurate record of all prison and jail inmates held within the state. To conduct a search of records in California, visit the Department’s official website at Next, select the link on the left side toolbar, “Offenders.” The following website includes an abundance of information about adult offenders, juvenile offenders, etc. To search a record, choose an appropriate search link. For example, if searching for an adult felon, select the link, “Division of Adult Institutions.” Choose to search male offenders, female offenders, or contact the department.

Division of Adult Institutions
Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation
P. O. Box 942883

Sacramento CA. 94283  

Free Inmate Locator: Another method for quickly locating a prison inmate in California is a service called Inmates Plus. This site offers free information on any prison inmate nationwide. To search the website for a California prison or jail inmate, begin your search by visiting Next, select the link, “California.” For quick information on a relative or friend, enter the inmate’s personal information in the search fields. Requested information will include inmate’s identification number, first name, last name, and date of birth. Submit the search inquiry, and wait for a match. Once the inmate is located, the website will provide detail information such as sentenced date, release date, offense, location, etc. 

Federal Inmate Locator: Using the Federal Inmate Locator to find a prison inmate is the most effective search method. In some instances, private locator tools do not provide information on all inmates. Because Federal records must maintain accurate and up-to-date records, this site is very useful for finding information on an inmate. To begin your search, visit the Federal Bureau of Prison’s official website at Next, search for an inmate by first and last name. Narrow down the search results by including additional information such as race, sex, and gender. The more information you know about a California inmate, the better. Once the search inquiry is submitted, a thorough search of all prison records follows. You can also search inmate records with an identification number. Provide the inmates California Department of Correction’s ID number, FBI ID number, or INS number. This search will provide inmate information such as reason for incarceration, sentencing date, offense history, and approximate prison release date. 

DocuSearch: This website offers useful information for locating a prison inmate in California. To begin your search, visit The following page includes a host of searchable databases for California. Search California’s sex offender database, most wanted lists, record archives, etc. DocuSearch also includes a link to several Federal agencies. An accurate search of California inmates can be completed by selecting the link for the US Bureau of Prisons. This site includes a nationwide locator tool. Choose the “Facility Locator” tool, or “Inmate Locator” tool.  DocuSearch can provide accurate information to help speed your search for a relative or friend held in a California correctional facility.

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