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  • Credit reports may include the following types of information:

    • Current and past address
    • Mortgage Loans
    • Automobile Loans
    • Home Equity Loans
    • Home Equity Lines of Credit
    • Store Credit Card Accounts
    • Credit Card Accounts
    • Number of credit inquiries made recently
    • Tax liens
    • Delinquencies
    • Defaults
    • Bankruptcies
    • Foreclosures
    • Arrests
    • Convictions
    • Lawsuits

    Today’s society revolves around money- earning money, investing money, spending money, and loaning money. In fact, it has become almost too easy to spend more than we earn. Credit card offers flood into our mailboxes. No interest loans are touted across merchandise categories of all kinds. Buy now and pay later is the theme of the day and the shopper’s delight. If one loan isn’t large enough to avoid mortgage insurance, they will offer you a second loan.

    Think about it for a minute. How many credit cards do you own? How many loans or mortgages do you have? Better yet, is there anything that you pay for with real cold hard cash rather than a tiny sliver of bendable plastic? Do you even know what your balance is on your credit card before the bill arrives at your home?

    What difference does it actually make? Well, it could mean quite a lot. After all, some of the above questions and their responses are quite reflective of your spending habits. Some spending habits are good and portray responsible behavior, while others carry consumers down a long road of debt and an even longer path back out of that debt.

    In fact, the financial histories of consumers are all wrapped up in a nice, neat, little package called a credit report. Credit reports contain many important details about consumers and their finances. These reports are used by the credit bureaus that compile them to create a credit score which is then used by financial lenders and prospective employers to determine whether they should hire you or loan you money.

    Acquiring a copy of your credit report can be accomplished by you or by a reputable company. In fact, Records Registry is a company that specializes in searching for, locating, and acquiring copies of important documents and reports for the general public.

    Monitoring your credit report to verify its accuracy is a very wise idea. Therefore, acquiring a copy of your credit report is a terrific way to go. Consumers can contact an entire army of credit bureaus, lending agencies, and financial companies to get a copy of their credit report. Since each credit bureau has its own method of collecting data and using it to calculate a credit score, the credit reports will vary from one credit bureau to another. However, the information within each report should be accurate.

    Records Registry is an online authority that is prepared to help consumers with their quest to locate an official copy of their credit report. Let us help you keep up to date with the information that is listed on your report by allowing us to acquire the most current credit report available for you. Instead of letting your fingers do the walking through the yellow pages, contact us now for the record searching that you need.
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