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Classmate Searches: Finding your Old Classmates

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Upon graduating from high school or college, many people have good intentions of keeping in touch with fellow classmates. The first year or two following graduation, weekly telephone calls and occasional lunch dates are routine. However, as each person settles into their new life, telephone calls and get-togethers become more and more sporadic, until all contact is lost. Fortunately, there are numerous ways for classmates to reconnect. Class reunions are great for meeting lost friends. On the downside, reunions are only held every 10 or 15 years. If you are eager to reconnect with an old classmate, and want to do so before the next reunion, consider the following ways to perform a online classmate search.

Online People Search: An old-fashioned free people search is an ideal starting point when trying to locate an old classmate. Online people searches are more effective than local white pages because the classmate could have moved to a different state or region. If your classmate has an unusual name, a name search for all 50 states may offer good results. On the other hand, if the classmate has a common name like Michael Williams, you will likely need more information such as a city, state or date of birth. is one of the largest online communities for finding old friends. A basic membership is free. This option lets graduates create a profile; however, the features are extremely limited. If you are serious about contacting past classmates, consider signing up for a gold membership with For a low monthly fee starting at $2.46, members can see photographs of classmates, read bios, email classmates, chat with classmates, plan a reunion, and so forth. members also receive a wide range of money-saving discounts, which may become useful if traveling to visit an old classmate. Benefits include discounts on airfare, car rental, hotel, dining, and other attractions. offers another inexpensive and easy method of locating old classmates. Visitors can begin their search by creating their own personal profile. Include information such as first name, current last name, maiden name, etc. This website is perfect for finding long-lost best friends, first loves, old classmates, favorite teachers, and so forth. Moreover, each registration includes a free people search, which allows members to search for anyone. After completing a profile, begin searching and connecting with friends. With over 100 million records searched, and 25 million members, making several contacts is a reasonable expectation. Free membership to lets members participate in a reunion, receive electronic mail, and view basic classmate profiles. Premium members can find out who's searching for them, plan a class reunion, send email, and receive access to detail classmate profiles. Premium memberships cost $36 for 1 year, or $72 for 3 years.

Alumni Directory: Even though the Internet offers a quick and inexpensive way to search for old classmates, school alumni directories are also helpful. Alumni directories for high school and colleges include current information about past graduates. Companies who produce and sell directories contact past graduates using an address or telephone number on file by the school. In turn, the graduate may update their information. Graduates also have the opportunity to purchase an updated alumni directory for their high school or college class. The directory will include current mailing addresses, e-mail addresses, and telephone numbers for all classmates. This can be a perfect tool for persons wanting to find and reconnect with lost friends. Alumni directories may even include custom listings for past members of a sorority, fraternity, association, and school club. On average, college and universities update their alumni directory every three to five years.

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