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Of all the people searches performed, classmate searches are among the most fun. In these cases, you are not harboring suspicions, feeling sneaky or reeling from a broken heart. Instead, you are looking for an old friend and hoping to relive some good old times. Classmate searches often go hand in hand with high school reunions, college reunions and other Alumni events.

If you’re on a high school reunion or similar planning committee, finding classmates will be a high priority task. Even well organized groups with fairly current mailing lists will need to perform some classmate searches. Websites such as have their place for hooking up with old classmates but for a serious search, serious steps are needed.

Internet people search directories are a good starting point for finding people however when you have a large list of classmates to find, a subscription to an information database is a better choice. These databases allow access to information about people gathered from public records in a central, easy to use format. Subscription time frames vary from 24 hours, a number of days, months, years or even a lifetime.

With a subscription to a public records information database you gain access to: adoption records, arrest warrants, background checks, baptism records, business records, county records, court records, credit reports, death records, debt filings, divorce records, drivers license checks, driving records, DUI records, FBI files, immigration files, inmate records, lien records, marriage and divorce records, medical records, military records, misdemeanor files, sex offender lists, phone reports, police reports, property records, social security records and more.

While this may seem like overkill to simply obtain names and addresses of classmates, the information is valuable in finding many of your fellow students. Take for instance half of your student body. Chances are, many of your female classmates have since married and abandoned their maiden names. By using an information database that has access to marriage records, you can find out the female students’ married names and locate them with much greater ease. And because so much of the service is automated, results are offered quickly.

By using the tools that private investigators themselves use, you can take charge of finding your classmates on the internet. You can find just about anybody online, from the comfort of your desktop. These services are reasonably priced and they access information that is publicly available in a mere matter of moments.

To find an information database that suits your needs you could start at any major search engine. The major search engines and web directories all have “people search” features. By starting with a free basic people search, you will find the directories typically offer more detailed reports for sale. Many of these are powered by US Search. US Search offers numerous reports as well as a subscription based service. They actually have a subscription service plan specifically for reunions called the “Reunion Pass”. Their Reunion Pass costs $149.95 and allows for 30 days of unlimited access to their database or 1000 reports.  is another service where you can find out information about individuals on either a per case or a subscription based option. A one time public records report from costs $9.95. Individual background check reports cost $39.95 ($59.95 to include criminal backgrounds). But this type of information is probably not appropriate for a reunion. Instead, choose the 24 hour public records membership for $14.95 or the 30 day membership for $39.95.

Finding family, friends, loved ones and classmates is easier than you think using the internet and an informational database.

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