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Four Reasons to Conduct a Background Check


In today's increasingly connected world, it has become easier than ever to find out about a person's past. Conducting a background check is fairly routine in some scenarios, such as when reviewing prospective employment candidates. In other situations, however, a background check may be rare, but it is nonetheless useful. With so much information available online, conducting a background check has become much easier than it ever was in the past. Below are four instances when conducting a background check on an individual just makes sense.


A background check during a job interview is fairly routine and may include a criminal records search and contacting an applicant's previous employers. New employers often have very little information about an applicant beyond what the applicant offers to tell them. Therefore, a background check gives employers the assurances they need that an applicant can be trusted. After all, an applicant who has multiple convictions for robbery is not someone that a retail store would want guarding the cash register! 

Foreign visa applications

Going abroad is another instance that may require a background check. Many countries, for example, will outright deny entry to those who have a criminal record. Other countries may be looking to keep out individuals who are guilty of specific offenses, especially if they plan on studying or working in their new country. To get a visa for many countries, you will need to provide a criminal background check from your local police station.

Hiring a nanny   

Background checks make a lot of sense for those who are applying to look after children. Parents, obviously, want to make sure that their children are in safe hands, so conducting a background check on a prospective nanny is a requirement in many cases. Even if a parent looking for a nanny does not specifically request a background check, it can be useful to provide such information anyway, such as a criminal record check and employment history, to help offer that parent assurances that their children will be safe.

Applying for a loan

Some lenders will also conduct background checks on loan applicants. These background checks will often consist of a criminal background check as well as a look into the applicant's credit history. It is rare, although not completely unheard of, for lenders to also check a loan applicant's employment references. Conducting a background check on a loan applicant serves a number of purposes. For one, a criminal background check helps assure the lender that the loan is not being used for nefarious purposes. A credit check, meanwhile, gives the lender some assurance that the applicant has a history of staying on top of bills and will have the financial resources necessary to pay back the loan.

Background checks are something that must be performed in many instances. Whether applying for a job or travelling abroad, there are many cases where a background check can prove very useful. As such, anybody who may be subjected to such a check should do everything possible to ensure that their records are accurate and up to date.

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