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Find Online Court Records: State of California

There are many ways to locate court records in the state of California. For example, you could contact each individual city or county courthouse and request a manual search. Moreover, you could visit the courthouse in-person and conduct your own records search. While these two methods are effective and commonly used, both require a lot of time. However, there is a better way to find a court record. Many county and city courthouses in California have online services, which includes a database of various services. If you need to search property records or business records, this information is readily available on the Internet. Even if a particular county or city does not provide such services, many free and low cost online databases provide a comprehensive search of court records in the state of California.

Free Public Records Finder: This online website provides several links to many county and city courthouses in California. This is the perfect site to find an abundance of information about civil and criminal court cases. To begin a search, visit The following webpage will provide links to a variety of city courthouses. For example, if searching for criminal court records in Kern County, select “Kern County Criminal Case Index.” Information available from online courthouse indexes is accurate and up-to-date.  An online search of free public records is ideal for finding information about upcoming court cases, rulings, judgments, case summaries, and so forth.

Pretrieve: Online databases also permit courthouse searches by name. Therefore, if a friend or relative took part in a court case, you can find information about the case online. To begin a search with this free public records database, visit Enter the participant’s name, city, and state. Next, click the “Find Public Records” link. The following webpage will provide a host of public record information in connection with this person. In addition to conducting a comprehensive search of local and nationwide court systems, Pretrieve also allows a quick search of Federal inmate records and sex offender registries.

California Public Court Records: Are you looking for civil, criminal or bankruptcy records for a California resident? If so, conduct a search with California Public Court Records online. Online searches are the easiest and most convenient way to locate a court record. With a few clicks, information is readily available and viewable from your home or office computer. To begin a search with this website, visit

Next, choose a public record to search. For example, you may select court cases, personal records (property, judgments, background checks), or civil records (birth, marriage, divorce). Court records available from this website can be used in connection with finding a missing person, employment verification, collections, unclaimed property, and so forth.

California State Registry: The majority of online court record searches for California are free. However, if a free public records database does not result in a match, consider a fee-based or membership service. Because fee-based locator tools search a wide range of public records (utility records, DMV records, etc.), they can usually find hard-to-locate court records. California State Registry is reputable fee-based public records search tool.

To begin a search, visit Registration is required. Choose from three membership options: basic, premium, and ultimate. Next, start your online search by completing the necessary search fields. Enter a first and last name, city, and state. Instantaneously, you’ll gain access to a variety of public information such as state court records, nationwide bankruptcy records, liens, arrest records, property records, etc. This website offers a complete and accurate online investigation tool. Additionally, State Registry online allows searches for online court records nationwide.

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