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There are of course many uses for the internet, and a wealth of information is available at the click of a mouse or the touch of a keyboard. Some of the most useful information on the internet involves access to court records, arrest records and other criminal information.

The reasons why someone would want to access court records are many. For some, the reasons will be merely curiosity, although many court records are sealed from mere curiosity seekers. For others the reasons for seeking court records are a great deal more personal. In some cases the seeker is a spouse or ex-spouse seeking information that can be helpful in court or in their personal life. In other cases the seeker of court records may even be a potential date, who needs to check the background of the other person to make sure they are who they say they are.

In other cases court records may be accessed by business people or organizations. For instance, a social service organization may wish to screen new job applicants or volunteers against a list of known court records, in order to make sure that no one inappropriate or potentially dangerous has access to their offices or clientele.

Likewise, a private business may wish to check court records before making a final hiring decision. Virtually every job application carries a question which asks if the applicant has ever been convicted of a crime. Many job applicants who should answer this question in the affirmative are understandably reluctant to include that embarrassing and potentially damaging information, and so they lie to the potential employer, hoping that they will not follow up.

And indeed many companies do not bother to check court records and arrest records on those they plan to hire. Many of the largest companies have recently reversed course, however, realizing that they could be held liable in the event of an incident of workplace violence if they were found to have conducted inadequate screening of new and existing employees.

Of course it is not just those large companies who need to do this type of screening. Increasingly, parents are conducting searches of court records prior to hiring household staff, nannies, babysitters and others who will have access to the home environment. It is important of course to conduct these searches of court records in order to avoid hiring an employee who could be potentially dangerous to the family, the home or its contents.

No matter what the reason for conducting these court record searches, there is plenty of such information available on the internet. It is important of course for the individual to conduct a thorough and complete search of all court records and arrest records in order to ensure that everyone’s safety is assured.

The internet is important for many things, and one of its chief benefits is that of the availability of information. Information such as court records, prison records and the like can be found more easily than ever before, and that is certainly good news.

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