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The Important Skills You'll Learn in Court Reporter School


While the majority of lawyer shows on television just focus on the attorneys and judges, the real life courtroom is full of people who facilitate the process. Ask any appellate lawyer and they will tell you that the court reporter is one of the most important people in the process. Court reporters take down everything happening in the trial to build a record that can later be used when a person wants to appeal the proceedings. These jobs are often lucrative for people who have the skills and enjoy the action. Here's what you'll learn in court reporter school if you choose that route.

How to use technology to make court reporting easier

You might think that being a court reporter is all about typing quickly. In truth, technology has made it so that you don't have to be a quick typist to get by. Instead, you just have to know how to use various machines to your advantage. Many of today's court reporting machines have some words already typed out so you only have to press a single button to put down an entire phrase. A good court reporter school will provide you with insight on how to use these devices to be most effective.

How to build rapport with the court staff

Court reporters work at the pleasure of the judge in a given court. He can decide to employ or fire any court reporter. As with any other job, understanding how to build social rapport with judges and court staff is critical to landing a job and keeping that job. A court reporter school can help you develop these skills. Like any good vocational school, these programs seek to equip you with the practical skills you need to effectively hold down this position.

Learning some of the rules of court trial practice

While court reporters don't need to be masterful lawyers to do their job well, they should know some things about what's happening in trial. By knowing what the lawyers are doing, a court reporter can anticipate a situation and more effectively document what the parties have said. Likewise, there are rules on what goes on the record and what does not. Court reports must have knowledge of this so they can build a record that is complete. A good court reporter will also have command of the courtroom. Being able to tell lawyers to slow down or indicate any problems to the judge can help the process flow more effectively. Good schools teach these practical trial skills.

Going to court reporter school can be a great option for people who want to get involved in the judicial process but don't want to go all the way through with law school. These programs are often affordable, and they will provide practical training aimed at helping you be as profitable as possible. Wouldn't you want to work in a job that allows you to be a part of the action while giving you the ability to put food on the table?


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