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Locating a credit report can take time and a bit of skill.
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Credit Reports may include information on:
∑ Current and past address
∑ Automobile Loans
∑ Mortgage Loans
∑ Home Equity Loans
∑ Home Equity Lines of Credit
∑ Credit Card Accounts
∑ Store Credit Card Accounts
∑ Number of credit inquiries made recently
∑ Delinquencies
∑ Defaults
∑ Tax liens
∑ Bankruptcies
∑ Foreclosures
∑ Arrests
∑ Lawsuits
∑ Convictions

Since credit reports play such a critical role in an individualís life, it is important to periodically verify that the personal information contained within yours is accurate. Prospective employers and financial lenders may not take you at your word that you are credit worthy and equal to the responsibility. Accessing your credit report can tell them all they need to know and quite possibly more than they want to know. Records Registry is equipped to locate your credit report easily and quickly.

A credit report contains important financial information regarding the consumer whose name is on the report. Virtually every time you apply for a home loan, a new job, an automobile loan, or a new credit card, the company involved does a credit check on you and receives a copy of your credit history. Your personal spending and payment habits are used to determine whether you will receive the new loan, credit card, or new job. With this in mind, it only makes sense to verify that the information on your credit report is accurate and up to date. Your past credit history can be used to determine your future.

Many agencies compile information on consumers to create a credit file or report. Three major credit bureaus operate nationwide, and are responsible for credit reports on the majority of consumers. These agencies collect information on consumers including the number and type of credit card accounts they hold, their payment history, their current level of debt, the length of time they have held their credit accounts, their current place of employment, and the number of recent credit inquiries made on them. Additionally, information is included concerning any loans, defaults, bankruptcies, lawsuits, or legal problems such as arrests and convictions. Your credit report lists all of the above as well as a number that is assigned as your credit score.
Each agency uses their own particular formula and the information compiled to calculate the consumerís credit score. This score typically ranges between 350 and 800. The higher a consumerís score is, the more likely he or she is to receive a new credit card, loan, or job. If your score is too low, dropping below a 500, then acquiring anything new, a job, credit card, or loan, is going to be difficult.

This is one of the most important reasons why consumers should acquire a copy of their credit report for verification. Finding your credit report is a simple task for GovRegistry. In fact, it is a service that we would enjoy doing for you. Your credit score reflects on the potential risk of hiring you as an employee or extending credit by way of a loan, line of credit, or credit card to you.

GovRegistry, an online authority, provides the exact sources to locate your credit report from all the credit reporting agencies - quickly! Whether you are looking to verify the information in your report to keep it up to date, or you are searching for faulty information that may be creating a credit problem for you, GovRegistry is there to do the job.
Let us put your mind at ease while GovRegistry locates your credit report for you.

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