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Criminal Record search results may include:
� Court Records
� Criminal History
� Marriage Records
� Credit Records
� Driving Records
� Employment Verification
� Residence Addresses (for up to 20 years)
� Divorce Records
� Warrants
� Work History
� Records of Incarceration

Just some of the information that can be found in our databases include arrest records, prison records, information on criminal indictments, and a wealth of background check information on nearly anyone..

Of course more pedestrian information can be found in our members area as well, including vital records like birth certificates, death certificates, employment records and the like.  The information found can be vitally important for a variety of reasons, including preserving personal safety.

It is easy to see just how important personal safety is when it comes to our lives today.  More and more of us are concerned about criminals, pedophiles and others entering our lives, and the ability to search for information on criminal indictments can provide a level of personal reassurance that can be quite valuable.

There are of course a number of different situations in which individuals, organizations or corporations would want to conduct searches of criminal records and indictments.  For instance

... a parent may want to conduct searches of criminal indictments on those they potentially hire to baby-sit their sons or daughters. 

It is more important than ever before to carefully screen nannies, babysitters and other childcare workers, and a search of criminal indictments can provide the peace of mind parents need to know they have made a good choice.

The owners of businesses will also make use of records of criminal indictments in order to make an intelligent and informed decision on whom to hire for their companies. 

Many hiring managers and human resources professionals are quite familiar with the techniques needed to search criminal indictments on those they are thinking about hiring.

The reasons for this increased screening of criminal indictments are many, including of course the desire to keep the workforce safe.  In addition, hiring managers are of course trying to keep potential thieves from their companies, and using records of criminal indictments to weed out wood be criminals can be very important to the bottom line.

This kind of screening using criminal indictments can also be important in terms of liability.  If a company is found to not have performed enough screening of current and potential employees, that company could be found to be liable in the event one of those employees engages in a violent act. 

Having a program in place in which records of criminal indictments are routinely screened can help protect companies from potential liability.

It is easy to see why so many companies and individuals have begun to carefully review records of criminal history in an attempt to protect themselves, their property and their employees. 

Access to public criminal records information has made our lives a lot safer, and 'the information superhighway of the web' has  made it much easier to access criminal records no matter what the time of day or night.

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